How to schedule next months classes in Front Desk


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How to schedule next months classes in Front Desk

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Nicki (Pike13)

Jimmy: In this video you'll learn how to schedule classes for the next month in FrontDesk.

Nicki: I'm going to go to my Services tab. This is a list of all my services. If I ever need to add a new type of a class or a new appointment, et cetera I would do that here.

Let's look at Group class. I click on the New Service and I can see when it meets currently. But if I want to offer a new time I can do that. I just tap on New Class Time. Maybe this is going to start in February and it's going to be at 2 o'clock.

It knows that this class is 60 minutes long but I can override that for some reason. This instance I want it to be 45 minutes or whatever. When you create your service you indicate the default length of the service. Let's say this class repeats every week and it's just Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I can put in an instructor and finish.

I would just repeat that process for the different classes that I'm scheduling or I can come in make changes to just like I did changing that class time on the schedule. Let's see Martha. Here's our class with Martha. I can click here and I can also change the schedule from here.

Maybe I want to make a change and I can either change this singular instance today or I can change all of the future instances. I can make those changes. That's one way to go about it. This is probably not the class we just scheduled because it looks a little different.

That's how you can make your schedule changes. It's pretty straightforward. Usually when a business sets up, if they're offering a lot of classes they're going to spend some time scheduling all of those when they're in set up mode. But then going forward it's typically not much to maintain it or to make or construct changes. Not at all.

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