Make schedule changes & track customer information in Front Desk


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Make schedule changes & track customer information in Front Desk

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Nicki (Pike13)

Jimmy: In this video you'll learn how to make changes to a schedule and how to track customer information in FrontDesk.

Nicki: One thing I wanted to point out was it's really easy to make a schedule changes. Let's say Laura calls in. For whatever reason, she can't coach this class. I can change this. If there's a conflict it would let me know. I can save that now, just move that class over into Matt's schedule. Now, when the time comes for this class, let's actually look at this one because it's already in the past, the instructor would click on the class to view the roster.

People would either be signed in because they signed in online or they signed in from the kiosk. We have a signing kiosk that a lot of our class based businesses will have at the front of the studio. The clients can sign in either with passbook or they can be issued a key fob, like a key tag and they can scan in with that. But then you can see here, here she's unpaid.

The roster gives the business a lot of information: who's complete, who's unpaid, if she had failed payment it would show me that as well. It's also telling me that she doesn't have a waiver signed which is really key for fitness based businesses that need to have a liability waiver stored on the client.

We can also see there's a starred note. We can click here and see what the starred note is about. This is not a great example but a lot of people will use the starred note functionality to let the instructor know about an injury, so you could say you have an ankle injury, tibia tension or whatever.

Jimmy: But we can see she's unpaid so we can take payment from her directly from the roster.

Nicki: Okay.

Jimmy: It'll show me everything that this business sells that pays for that. Maybe she just wants to buy a single visit or a drop-in or maybe she wants to buy a 10-class pass. As the staff member I can do this from my phone as well. We have an iOS app, I can take these payments from my phone.

I can also take cash and I'll just do that here for purposes of this. Now, she's complete. And I can click here also and I can see it was deducted from a 10-class pass and she has 9 visits left. We track all of this. You'll know when it's time for the client to purchase again. When they get down to their last visit, we'll actually send them an email and say "You have 1 visit remaining." It prompts them to buy another one. That kind of thing.

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