Manage classes & clients with Front Desk's iOS app


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Manage classes & clients with Front Desk's iOS app

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Nicki (Pike13)

Jimmy: In this video you'll learn how to manage classes & clients with FrontDesk's native iOS app.

Jimmy: You mentioned that you have an iOS app?

Nicki: We do.

Jimmy: When somebody is out and about, let's say they're going to give a class in a park. They would just have to go in here, schedule, create. How would that flow be? Let's say I wanted to teach a class on whatever thing in the park, what would I do as a user to schedule that so that I can create it and then take payments for it when I'm on site?

Nicki: Right. First of all, the only people that can create new classes are managers and owners. Staff member of a business, they can teach things, they can certainly schedule themselves for appointments, they can book appointments with other people but a staff member of my business is certainly available to coach a class.

They get to the park, they would open the app on their phone and they would click on a class and they would see who's enrolled. They can enroll new clients. They would need to indicate who's here.

In the app it's very much like this, too. There's a green check and they just need to say "Abner's here. Amiya's here." They need to indicate who actually attended because somebody might not show up and then you can then mark them as a "no show". You can take payment for anybody that is unpaid. Again, in the app you can take credit card payment, you can take cash, et cetera.

To create a new service, maybe that's what you were asking, like what if in your business you wanted to add a new offering? They can do that from the app as well. But I'll show it here on the desktop.

They would just go to services and select New Service. Let's say it's a class type of a service and maybe let's just call it Zumba because that's what's coming to my mind right now. They'd enter the single visit price. Is there a revenue category associated with this? This is all tied into reporting.

We offer a lot of great reports for the business owner on the revenue that they're bringing in as well as their visit histories and all of that.

They can configure whether they want this to be able to be purchased online, any of their existing memberships, do their existing memberships cover this service? Maybe they do, maybe they don't, as well as any of their existing passes. This means I'm adding this new service and any of my clients that have a 10-class pass currently, they can use those 10 visits to come to this new service.

Jimmy: Okay.

Nicki: And then they click Finish. Now, I can go ahead and schedule it if I want to.

Jimmy: Visit to discover, compare and choose the right apps for your business.