Payment processing and languages options in Front Desk


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Payment processing and languages options in Front Desk

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Nicki (Pike13)

Jimmy: In this video you'll learn about payment processing and language options in Frontdesk.

Nicki: In the U.S. we're integrated with Transnational Bankcard out of Chicago. We can also work in Canada. We can also work in Mexico and we have some in Europe. We're working on Australia. This is credit card processing only. ACH or the ability to debit from a checking account, which is a common practice in a lot of countries, we only have in the U.S and also in Canada, currently.

Jimmy: Okay. You mentioned that you have customers in Mexico?

Nicki: We do.

Jimmy: Is FrontDesk available in other languages or is it something that-- How does that work?

Nicki: Yeah. We actually are localized in a handful of languages-- English, of course, in Spanish, German, French, Swedish and Russian are the ones that we have currently.

Jimmy: That's great.

Nicki: Actually, it's kind of funny in Russia. The -- clients go to the site and it's in Cyrillic. It's not difficult for us to rebuild it so that it can be localized easily. It only takes a few weeks as long as we have --we just need to get the translations up all the strings done. But we are in, I think, close to just over 40 countries. But localized in I think six, I think those 6 that I listed off are our 6 languages.

Jimmy: That's great. You have the credit card processors. What about, I imagine you integrate with Paypal?

Nicki: Yeah. A business can use Paypal and the clients can pay via Paypal on the FrontDesk website. When the clients log in, that can be an option for them.

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