Reporting & the recurring autopay feature in Front Desk


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Reporting & the recurring autopay feature in Front Desk

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Nicki (Pike13)

Jimmy: In this video you'll learn how about the reporting options and the recurring autopay feature in FrontDesk.

Nicki: The last thing that I might want to point out is just in reporting because it's so important for the businesses to know what the revenue that they're bringing in, be able to look at those trends and that data. You can see revenue, kind of high-level. You can break it down in a number of ways. Maybe I want to see it by month of the transaction.

I can see a number of transactions broken down by month, the total received, if there were any voids or refunds, that kind of thing. There's a ton of ways to break down these data here and then you can also get detailed data on any of our reports which will basically show each individual transaction that was making up those totals on the other side.

I can also filter. Maybe I want to see only my Autopay date, Autopay revenue. I can also add and hide columns. Maybe I only want to see the invoice number, the due date, when it closed. You can click through and really customize this report – payment method and was it settled. To really get what I want to look at.

Jimmy: With this Autopay, is this a feature like subscription recurring billing?

Nicki: Yeah. Again, this would be for businesses that were able to provide integrated merchant processing with. A lot of members will be on recurring billing.

For example, let's say you're a member of a cross fit gym and you pay $130 a month for your membership; we automatically bill that client for the business. We'll let the client know if the payment failed or let the business owner know if the payment fails or the credit card's expired, those types of things. We do handle recurring billing.

Jimmy: Is this a feature that somebody could use if they're only using Paypal or do you have to have a merchant account?

Nicki: You do have to have a merchant account. The Paypal integration is for one-time transactions. But the way that we have that set up, if you are paying with Paypal or you are in a country where we don't have merchant processing, if you sell that client a membership, we will email the client three days before their due date to let them know that their due date is approaching and for them to bring in payment or to log in and pay the amount.

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