The scheduling calendar your customers see in Front Desk


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The scheduling calendar your customers see in Front Desk

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Nicki (Pike13)

Jimmy: In this video, you'll learn about the scheduling calendar your customers will see in FrontDesk.

Nicki: Like we mentioned, there's two sides to the software. There's the client interface which we call the FrontDesk website and this is an example of that. Then there's also the staff facing side of the software which we'll look at in a little bit.

Jimmy: This client facing, this would be something that your members of a studio or your customers would see?

Nicki: Correct. They might go from your main website or maybe your Facebook page if you put, if you want them to sign up for something and you'll direct them here because this is the interface where they're going to see your class schedule, they're going to be able to enrol in a class, they're going to be able to purchase a membership or a 10-class card or whatever the types of things that you sell, et cetera.

Jimmy: Okay.

Nicki: One thing I want to note about the FrontDesk website, which is what you're seeing here, is that it's really customizable to the business' brand. This is just One example we're seeing, Bella's Studio, there's a color behind here. We have five different templates. Businesses can choose from those, their branding, their colors, they can even customize the navigation here.

Maybe I teach private yoga lessons and I want it to say "private yoga Lessons" in the navigation and I can do that. Another thing I'll mention is that FrontDesk is completely responsive. Regardless of the type of the device that a client might be using to look up your business and want to enrol in a class, it'll fit perfectly, whether it's a phone or a tablet. FrontDesk was built mobile first, everything responds beautifully to whatever device they're on.

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