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Pipedrive use case: Georg Kremer

Georg Kremer

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20th of October, 2016
Never loose track in your pipelines

We're using Pipedrive to manage all our customer activities (phone-calls, mails, schedules, contact-information, etc.) so that not only sales but all others never loos track of a customer journey. Despite the fact that this tool is almost intuitive you also can easily manage complex customer organizations. It simply reflects nearly all circumstances to record and plan topics when working with customers. An ideal tool for the entire pipeline management where simple drag and drop features help to manage stages of a project. Pipedrive eases the salesman work dramatically!

What do you like best?

I personally found it quite useful when writing mails to use the option adding an automated bcc customer ID. The result is that you mail appears in your pipeline- and customer-history as well. To set up different pipelines make it easy to also manage different events. The scheduler activity gives you on all devices (PC, Smartphone, etc.) an alert to remind to your planned activities. Mobil access to all pipeline features - a very nice App! All contact data, history etc. at hand when preparing a customer visit or call.

What do you dislike?

- Statistical features seems to need rework. - writing an email to a contact of an account organization you need to consider to attach the customer-ID from the deal-level to the bcc-field in the mail in order to have that mail then in the customer history - lost accounts have been moved to a separate pipeline

Why did you end up selecting Pipedrive over other applications?

Price/Value, very flexible to setup, not to much whistles and bells,

If so, why did you switch?

We are a startup company..

What is your main use case with Pipedrive?

Customer history, perfect activity scheduling

Give one example how Pipedrive has improved the way your organization functions

From Excel, stickers and slips of paper into one data base

What is your ROI?

never loos track in your customer journey

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering Pipedrive

Forget complex and expensive CRM Tools. I've seen many of them (see my history in LinkedIn). This is the first one which does what it is supposed for - make the salesman live easy!

Time used

6-12 months

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