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Enterprise event & venue management booking system

3.75/5 (4 reviews)

Priava overview

Priava is a cloud-based venue and event management system designed for venues, museums and galleries, performing arts organizations, caterers, universities, governments, and other market sectors. The platform includes tools for managing availability, reservations, resources, logistics, customers, catering, reporting, and more.

With Priava, users can manage multiple events and venues simultaneously. The universal search function allows users to locate any account record, contact, or event. Through the booking chart, users can create bookings, view events scheduled for different days, weeks, months, or years, and run conflict checks to eliminate double bookings. Color-coding on the booking chart gives users an at-a-glance view of tentative and confirmed events.

Priava’s built-in customer relationship management (CRM) allows users to associate events with multiple contacts. Users can view the history of all their relationships, and track correspondence against customers, accounts, or events. Leads and enquiries can be managed, and the reasons for wins or losses can be tracked. Users can also categorize records to target marketing communications. Priava offers a range of report templates, with the ability for users to create custom reports, preview, save, print, and search within reports, and export to PDF, Word, or Excel.


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Priava reviews

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Darren Golding

easy to use train staff in no time.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-06-07
Review Source: Capterra

empowerment for staff. Financial tracking beyond GL codes. Easy annual planning with the repeat function.not relying on internal servers and IT for upgrades. Being in the cloud makes the package mobile. Have purchased a surface pro to deal with mobility.

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Renee Liebmann

Easy to use, good features,

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-10
Review Source: Capterra

The Tasks function! The ability to set daily tasks linked to events has made my day so much more productive!

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Malcolm Pendlebury

Clean screens and easy to use.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-01-19
Review Source: Capterra

It took around 3 hours to understand this product, its structure and how to configure the system and the remainder of one business day to do the configuration. The feature I genuinely like are the clean screens. I don't require a Panadol while using Priava.The Clean screens and the easily understood workflow. Though you can easily modify the workflow to the manner in which you work. It is a very easy product to understand, configure and use. I was up and running with a fully configured system in 7 hours.

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Al Mc

Claims to be ultra-modern, but relies on Flash

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-06-30
Review Source: Capterra

Installed at a venue that I help to oversee. Seems a huge improvement over paper. Very disappointed that mobile access is impossible.Big improvement over paper systems. Works well for multiple-space venues.

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Priava features

Customizable Reporting

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Additional information for Priava

Key features of Priava

  • Universal search
  • Venue setup
  • Report templates
  • Customizable reporting
  • Booking chart
  • Event booking
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Conflict checking
  • Color-coded event statuses
  • Customer management
  • Relationship histories
  • Lead management
  • Enquiry management
  • Event & booking value tracking
  • Win/loss reason tracking
  • Record categorization
  • PCI DSS compliance
  • Correspondence tracking
  • Event management
  • Venue management
  • Venue booking
  • Availability management
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With the booking chart, users can view availability and bookings by day, week, month, or year, book events, run conflict checks to eliminate double-booking, and track event statuses at-a-glance with color-coding.

The built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system allows users to associate multiple contacts with events, view relationship histories, and track correspondence against customers, accounts, or events.

Users can categorize records to enable targeted marketing, and track reasons for winning or losing events.

Priava offers pre-built report templates, and users can also create their own custom reports, and save, preview, print, export, and search within reports.

The universal search allows users to locate any contact, event, or account record, which streamlines the management of multiple events and venues.