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RenegadeWorks overview

RenegadeWorks is a cloud-based solution for customer feedback collection, reputation management, and referral marketing which enables users to: gather customer feedback; aggregate customer reviews from over 100 sites; showcase positive reviews on their website; Twitter, or Facebook page; incentivize customers to refer their family and friends; and more.

RenegadeWorks sends feedback requests to customers by email or text message, asking them whether or not they would recommend the business, with three possible answers - yes, maybe, or no. Satisfied customers, who would recommend the business, are automatically invited to leave a review, on Google, or another review site. Neutral customers are encouraged to connect with the business on social media, and dissatisfied customers are instantly asked to give detailed feedback on their experience, giving users actionable feedback and an opportunity to improve the customer’s opinion before they leave a negative review. RenegadeWorks also captures and collates reviews from more than 100 review sites, from large, general sites including Google, Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor, to smaller, more specialized sites across a range of industries. Users can embed a widget in their website to automatically display 4 and 5 star reviews recently left by customers.

RenegadeWorks also sends referral requests to customers via email, inviting them to refer their family and friends in return for a reward, such as entry into a competition. Reward details are sent when 3 or more contacts are referred, and RenegadeWorks automatically sends contact invitations to these new referrals. All referrals are saved to the contact dashboard in RenegadeWorks, and can be exported by users for follow-up.


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RenegadeWorks screenshot: RenegadeWorks automatically sends feedback requests to customers by email or SMSRenegadeWorks screenshot: Customers are asked to rate whether they would recommend the business to their friends and familyRenegadeWorks screenshot: Satisfied customers are asked to leave a positive review on Google, or another review siteRenegadeWorks screenshot: Neutral customers are encouraged to connect with the company on social mediaRenegadeWorks screenshot: Negative customers are invited to give detailed feedback on their experienceRenegadeWorks screenshot: Users can track their customers' review trends through RenegadeWorksRenegadeWorks screenshot: RenegadeWorks also sends emails to customers inviting them to refer their family and friends for a rewardRenegadeWorks screenshot: Referrals' contact details are automatically saved to the RenegadeWorks dashboard

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RenegadeWorks features

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Additional information for RenegadeWorks

Key features of RenegadeWorks

  • Customer feedback collection
  • Review aggregation
  • Email templates
  • Automatic notifications
  • Referral incentives
  • Trend monitoring
  • Reputation management
  • Automated feedback requests
  • Reviews management
  • Positive review promotion widget
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Referral marketing
  • Automated referral requests
  • Promotions and special offers
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Customers are sent feedback requests by email or SMS, and based on their response are directed to different actions - satisfied customers are encouraged to leave reviews, neutral customers are invited to connect with the business through social media, and dissatisfied customers are asked to provide detailed feedback.

Reviews are captured from over 100 sites, including general review sites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor, as well as more specialized sites.

Positive reviews can be posted to Twitter and Facebook, or showcased on business websites using the review stream widget.

Customers are incentivized to refer contacts, with incentives provided once 3 or more contacts are referred, and email invitations sent out to new contacts.

Users can export all referral contact information, allowing for follow-ups.