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SalesNexus use case: John Godbey

John Godbey

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11th of August, 2016
Support at Sales Nexus is Over the Top!

Everyone I have spoken to at Sales Nexus over the years has been extraordinarily responsive to my needs as a small company. The chat feature allows me to explain better my situation, and get better answers than a help desk. It also gives me a transcript of the exchange so I can save them and not forget the procedures. I am also impressed by the persistence of the support staff in pursuing my problem du jour to make sure that I’m totally satisfied. Sales Nexus is the center of my company’s marketing, and has been an investment that continues to return its cost to me as profits. I’ve tried many other ways of doing business, and none were as cost-effective and game-changing as Sales Nexus. The staff is available and super-intelligent. Today Mark knew to include a tweak that I forgot to say I needed, and I was amazed to see it already implemented for me without addition explanation or charge. Thank you guys at support in Sales Nexus. You make a difference for me everyday!

What do you like best?

I use the email features of SN to great advantage. If you want to send a direct, personal message to a lot of people, Sales Nexus is really the cheapest and most reliable, while allowing you to get help every step of the way.

What do you dislike?

There may be features you won't need in the program, but it's still worth the benefits.

Why did you end up selecting SalesNexus over other applications?

Email capacity was unmatched. Price was scalable and reasonable.

If so, why did you switch?

All of the program I used before were buggy, unreliable, were blacklisted, and expensive.

What is your main use case with SalesNexus?

I do not use the CRM aspects of SN because I have very large lists, the forms are meant for salesmen who need to continually serve a set of customers, whereas when people buy a house, I generally don't see them again for a few years. That doesn't diminish the value of SN for my company.

Give one example how SalesNexus has improved the way your organization functions

I send emails that drive recipients to the website where they fill out contact info with lots of detail that is forwarded to my email. I can forward this same info to Realtors, and lenders, so that they can contact and provide the necessary advice by already understanding the client's situation before they call. And also assured that the client wants them to get in touch.

What is your ROI?

We spend roughly $300 a month, and the company sells $5M of real estate on average each year.

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I couldn't believe the difference between the cost of SalesNexus and the other CRM programs that may be more heavily promoted! If your business depends on you putting your proposal in front of a lot of people, and keeping up with those people, then this is your solution.

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2+ years

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