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SeatAdvisor Box Office

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SeatAdvisor Box Office overview

SeatAdvisor Box Office (SABO) is a cloud-based ticketing and venue management software that allows event management companies to sell tickets of their shows to the customers. The product enables customers to book tickets through a range of mediums such as, box-office setups i.e. tickets sold from walk-up counters, through online setup which includes tickets sold through mobile devices and kiosks, and through phone sales where clients are charged a nominal per minute rate.
SABO offers features such as, web-based box office ticketing that includes interactive SeatMaps and Seat/View Photos functionality to enable users to select their desired seats, subscription feature where users can select how to bundle events to create packages for sales, and group reservation feature; online ticketing that includes real-time ticket inventory management, booking tickets through mobile devices where the product recognizes where is it being accessed from and optimizes the user experience accordingly, and resell or donate unsold tickets online to recover revenues; venue marketing software that includes targeted email marketing campaigns, social media integration with platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn, and promotion and distribution of coupons and promo codes; venue CRM software that helps in capturing customer details, creating surveys & social media campaigns, and managing reporting. The product also offer additional features like nonprofit fundraising & donation software, technical support and customer services.
SeatAdvisor partners with several e-commerce gateways such as, Cybersource, PayPal, DPS, PayFlow, and CashNet, among others. It also works with customers such as Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts, Alex Theatre, Oman Opera House, Galt House Hotel, and The Celtic Manor Resort, among others.


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SeatAdvisor Box Office screenshot: SeatAdvisor group sales and reservations page for bulk bookingsSeatAdvisor Overview (Original)SeatAdvisor Box Office screenshot: SeatAdvisor seat and view photos interface that depicts sightlines that a user can get from the available seatSeatAdvisor Box Office screenshot: SeatAdvisor Ticket Log-in PageSeatAdvisor Box Office screenshot: SeatAdvisor’s email marketing campaign feature that helps in monitoring targeted campaignsSeatAdvisor Box Office screenshot: SeatAdvisor’s mobile interface provides optimized search experience on the user’s device

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crysti everhart

Our experience has been exceptional! I'm very seldom impressed and I've been totally impressed!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-06-29
Review Source: Capterra

Professionalism!Software is great, but Seat Advisor's, in my opinion, best feature is there Customer Service! It's not only prompt but extremely courteous, no matter who we get. We also have had personal visits to check in and make us aware of new opportunities and programs. We just recently added brand new/upgraded scanners, combined with launching them on a rental client. Seat Advisor partnered with us the entire journey. We had over 3000 people come through that weekend and we looked efficient and professional. I cannot thank Seat Advisor enough for all of there assistance and for working with me to resolve all the issues. My favorite feature is the cell phone scanning capabilities. Impressive!

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Lisa Werner

We are in our eighth year with SABO, and continue to be pleasantly amazed.

Reviewed 2016-03-24
Review Source: Capterra

For more than 10 years we ticketed our 1,200 seat venue manually - three tier reserved seating with multiple package options, ACCESS services, holds, and various comps. While it was a lot of tedious hands on labor, it was exactly appropriate to the level of electronic skill our box office manager possessed. Annual audits were accomplished by counting torn stubs. Moving into the 21st century meant finding a software system that could accommodate both an inexperienced operator and a complex ticketing structure. In hindsight it would have been best to ask one of our more computer literate staff to manage the initial set up. Instead we assigned the entire organizational and event set up to our box office manager. What followed was a series of marathon phone consultations between SABO tech support and our office that went on for several days. It is not an exaggeration to say that the gentleman on the SABO end was heroically patient and great at his job. Ticket sales have since been moved to my department, and eight years later I can see where better information and skills on our side would have resulted in a more efficient setup. Having said that, the software has evolved in both capacity and flexibility enough that our early mistakes have been overcome by computer savvy box office management on our side working with an consistently responsive, friendly, knowledgeable tech support staff on the SABO side. *** update*** We have set up a second organization to manage a new trial concert series selling independently of our established programming. We created an "exclusive" series of van shuttle tickets shown in a different window than the concert tickets to avoid confusion. SABO created an icon to help patrons distinguish between adding tickets and adding van rides. Our development department is slated to try the new fundraising module. We are using a questionnaire for the first time to support a recently received grant. SABO continues to provide everything we need, including excellent support to us and customer service to our patrons.

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Kyle Mistrot

Great Ticketing solution!

Reviewed 2015-10-12
Review Source: Capterra

The Dallas Bach Society has gone through a number of different ticketing solutions, and to be honest, almost all of them left a great deal to be desired! In 2012, we began a search for a new ticketing solution and came upon SABO. We were impressed then with the flexibility, reporting features, Patron management and integrated marketing. When the problems with Java occurred we were very concerned because our online ticket sales dropped to about 25%, which meant that our phones were ringing off the hook because people could not purchase online. As you all know that was a very trying time. With the new enhancements and re-designs now our online sales is at about 90%! The thinks we are most impressed with are the Patron Management features of automatically assigning attributes based on certain criteria. This is vital as we are a membership organization and we have to keep track of patrons who make donations of $50 or more. SAGO does this seamlessly! The second thing we are thrilled with is the Online Sales flow. Our patrons are very happy with the look, feel and ease of use of online purchasing. This alone has saved the organization a great deal of money! We constantly use the reporting features to keep track of Sales trends and sales volume. We also are impressed with the new MPP feature and plan to utilize it for special pricing events! On the side of things that we would like to see improved, are the Marketing integration. We moved away from VerticalResponse because of ease of use in reference to organization branding was just about impossible to achieve. We now use MailChimp, but SABO does not integrate with the product and we would love to have the option to choose different E-Blast providers. Our other item that we would really like to see enhanced is the ability to scan in tickets without the use of the antiquated scanner attachment for the old iPhones and IPads. With the new iPhone 5 - 6 and the high resolution cameras most companies have done away with the attachments. We would love to see this happen with the SABO app.

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Jeremy Pemberton

Client Support and Tech Support are out of this world!

Reviewed 2009-08-21
Review Source: Capterra

If the pricing doesn't convince you that SABO is in it for the long haul and partnership relationship - then the customer support provided should hit the message home - SABO has genuine concern for its clients and ensures their success with personal attention and response to the needs of its users.We have been using Sabo for the past year and half. After searching for a ticketing solution for months, SABO stood out amongst the rest because of its informative sales/support team and pricing. Marc in particular (our client relations contact) has gone above and beyond our expectations from day one. Whether supporting a new business with growing needs and constant changes, providing specific and specialty support options, or creating solutions for problems we thought were too great to overcome - Marc constantly surprises us with his ingenuity and ability to meet our needs. Most recently, SABO added Social Network features that once again keep this system current with the growing demands and trend changes of the ticketing industry.

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Robert Cole

Increased Patron Satisfaction of the Turtle Creek Chorale

Reviewed 2009-09-24
Review Source: Capterra

Overall SABO is fairly easy to use and meets most of our needs. Even thought there are a few drawbacks that could easily be fixed I would defiantly recommend this product to any arts organization looking for a better ticketing option. It has continued to bring a professional image of our organization to our patrons. Huge thanks to Justin Baxter for his continued support. Great customer support User friendly Social Networking features Patron ease Real time seating charts

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Key features of SeatAdvisor Box Office

  • Venue Marketing Tools
  • Email Marketing
  • Easy-to-use real time interface
  • Subscription sales
  • Coupons & Promo Codes
  • Cloud-based ticketing
  • Facebook
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● SeatAdvisor Box Office offers an integrated Point of Sales and Online ticketing solution that allows customers to purchase tickets from anywhere.
● The product offers integration with major Social Media platforms that enables customers to run and analyze the results of their campaigns on social media.
● The product offers Open API’s that lets users integrate SeatAdvisor with their existing websites. The API’s can also be used to post customer data and barcode scans on SeatAdvisor.
● SeatAdvisor offers an interactive SeatMaps feature that enables customers to select their desired seats. The SeatMaps feature can be customized to any type of venue.
● SeatAdvisor also offers hardware’s such as ticket printers, hand held scanners, mobile phone based scanners that help users to print their tickets.