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Everything ShopKeep does helps independent businesses to grow. Founded by a successful business owner, ShopKeep is an intuitive, secure, iPad point of sale system, with affordable software that empowers merchants to run smarter businesses.

It optimizes staffing and inventory, while offering sales reports and customer information on one seamless, cloud-based platform. By offering low-cost, integrated payment processing, as well as top-of-the-line point of sale hardware, ShopKeep represents a one-stop shop for all ambitious independent business owners who want to hit the ground running.

As important as the industry-leading features, is the free, award-winning support ShopKeep offers its 25,000 customers. Customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing ShopKeep has their back 24/7/365.

More and more small business owners are coming to the realization that ShopKeep is the difference between a business dream, and a dream business.


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Christopher Bray

Rescued us from a POS of perpetual problems

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-01-10
Review Source: Capterra

When we first transitioned from a legacy POS to an iPad-based POS, we'd gone with another product that seemed perfect. Unfortunately, that product was like buying a house and discovering a day in and day out that it was full of mold, had cracks in the foundation and other structural problems, and the repair people tasked with helping you seemed trained to make things worse. It required constant attention in order to ensure very basic functionality, crashed constantly, caused massive headaches with credit card processing, and everyone from our account rep to her bosses to "tech support" was so clueless, one could write a sitcom with the stories. We shopped around for our replacement, making sure to ask all the questions and investigate to the best of our abilities so as not to end up in the same place. We found ShopKeep and could not be more pleased with the results. I cannot overstate how completely opposite every interaction with ShopKeep has been compared with the competitor we replaced. Every question has been answered satisfactorily, every issue dealt with (and not forgotten by an overwhelmed support crew), and every guarantee upheld. Even better, the application itself functions as advertised, so we are not spending actual hours of our time making something work; it just works. We don't experience crashing, lost data, unsolvable credit card processing nightmares, and the rare calls to tech support are quick and painless. There may not be as many back-end bells and whistles in terms of reporting and inventory, but these are always in development, and I feel comfortable saying that when these new elements are introduced they will function as described. The app is clean, intuitive to learn, easy to use, and the resources made available, detailed online instructions, videos, etc. combined with helpful, engaged, communicative staff at all levels have made ShopKeep a hero to us. If I ever notice ShopKeep being used at another business, I always make a point to ask about it and find the same enthusiastic appreciation I'm trying to convey here. (Whereas I do the same with the competitor we ditched, and always see their eyes glaze over.) I highly recommend ShopKeep and know that users will be as satisfied as we are to have found them. Clean design, easy & intuitive to learn, very stable i.e. does not crash, connectivity has never been an issue, back-office works well in its current format. Tech support always available, helpful, and willing to go the extra step to help when they do not immediately have the answer. Simplicity, meaning one is not overwhelmed with more features than one could use (and which could be rendered pointless if overall stability is a challenge). Fairly flexible layout for the iPad menus. Very straightforward to set-up, and the online resources are comprehensive. I taught myself everything in an afternoon, and staff all took to it quite easily. I have not had to spend hours and hours trying to establish functionality with a line of customers staring at me.

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Dan Prichard

Fantastic Retail Point of Sale System

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-01-09
Review Source: Capterra

Shopkeep has been an incredible system for us. We've been using it for just over two years now and are extremely satisfied. For the price, you will not find a better system anywhere, and trust me, I've done the research. The cashier end of the system is very intuitive and easy to learn. Teaching my new staff how to use it is a breeze. Customizing the screens makes it easy to sort products by page and button color. The back end of the system is just as easy to use. The built-in analytics can quickly bring up a great overview of how your business is doing. Inventory management is fantastic and very easy to manage. Importing and exporting inventory, customers, sales, etc... is all effortless and great for analyzing data outside of Shopkeep. The App and web-based back office are constantly being updated and improved. Support staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and have always been great at providing us solutions. For anyone who is looking for a great system for a small retail business that is cost efficient, has great customer support, and is easy to use, look no further... This is the system for you. The only cons to this system is that you can't manage or transfer inventory between stores in the same back office. You will have to switch between stores and manually add/subtract inventory for each store. Another great feature missing is a separation of stock between the storefront and a storage area. These are features probably better suited to a larger retailer who would need a more capable system but features Shopkeep should consider in their development. Overall we are very pleased with the system. You can't go wrong!Ease of Use. This is some of the most intuitive software I've ever used. It literally took me a couple of hours to learn the system inside and out and my staff is able to count on me for answers any time and I have no problem providing them quick solutions.

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Bobbie Henderson

On it's way

Reviewed 2016-08-13
Review Source: Software Advice

When Shopkeep is running and everything is syncing it's wonderful. Easy to use, easy to train staff to use, the credit card signing page has increased tipping by 30%, reporting is fun to see without extra data entry.

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Sabrina Garcia-Rubio

Shopkeep is a tool that every shop owner needs! It's seamless and well rounded features are A+++

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-06-08
Review Source: Capterra

I have recommended this software many times, and I believe two of those recommendations have elected to use Shopkeep. My personal benefits are ease of training new staff to use it, time savings on back office reports, and the edge it gives my business to utilize the data gathered from the use of this POS. I love the back office abilities to crunch your numbers allowing me to make better business decisions. I have saved a lot of time with this POS and it's seamless back office in regards to gathering pertinent information like monthly sales tax, employee hours and return customer activities.

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Abby Camacho

Great for Small Business!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-01-10
Review Source: Capterra

As a Small Business Owner, I thought maybe just doing it on my own would be best. After a few weeks of opening, receipts were lost and inventory was messy. I was looking for the best for my store so I figure to look for an inexpensive POS System that can cater to what I need to be more professional and organized. I came across how many POS Companies trying to sell me what I would call "just sell it because I need the commission" products. I didn't like the fact that all they were doing is selling me something because they needed to meet a quota. I was reading my receipt and at the bottom of my total had ShopKeeps logo so I decided to look more into it and with the great help of their Customer Service I found a POS System that does all that is needed. It was so easy to use. I can manage my daily sales at the end of the day. When my monthly GRT is due it's so easy for me to pull up what I need to complete my form properly. The monthly rate is great. For all the services that they give and you are not entitled to stay on a contract is wonderful. Shopkeep has made a big impact on my business and I am very happy with it. Maybe even grateful! That as perfect as it already is, the updates make the System even better!

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Key features of ShopKeep

  • Inventory Management
  • Ring up sales in a flash
  • Robust Sales Reports
  • Take cash or credit
  • Employee Management and Time Clock
  • Build items to modify orders
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Print or Email Receipts
  • Choose Your Own Credit Card Processor
  • Scan Barcodes
  • Tiered Employee Permissions
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