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Productivity CRM for teams to manage customer workflows

4.46/5 (81 reviews)

Solve overview

Major update in 2018. A productivity CRM for teams to manage customer workflows. Simplify all record keeping, scheduling, communication and information sharing - especially when mobile.

Solve is an incredibly flexible system, boasts robust Google Calendar and email integrations and is recognized for outstanding customer support by thousands of service businesses. Notably HVAC, energy, medical, residential services and consulting through its exceptional mobile apps and desktop portal.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, China and 7 other markets, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Russian, Swedish
Solve screenshot: Automate work, improve consistency.Solve Client Manager (orientation)Solve screenshot: Visualize and schedule activity across multiple resources.Solve screenshot: Quickly refine the system to capture the right info using your team’s own languageSolve screenshot: A simple, self managing personal dashboard highlight what to focus on

Solve reviews

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Ease of use
Customer support
Carl Benfield

Comprehensive, versatile CRM and project management tool with outstanding customer support

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-04-01
Review Source: Capterra

The main benefits are: 1. The ability to offer great customer relationship - the information on the project and the customer is easily available to the team. 2. The ability to track all potential clients in a meaningful way, organising follow-ups at any point in the future. 3. Easily pick-up projects and clients from other members of the team should they be absent.Works superbly with other cloud platforms. VERY flexible. Two versions to choose - Solve CRM and Solve Client Manager. Lots of great features - Google sheets report integration (slice, dice, geo-reference, and pivot the data anyway you want), click to call, easy to navigate activity window, flexible workflows and follow-ups, individualised task lists and on and on. We've implemented Solve360 in three companies and recommended it to dozens of others and never been disappointed. Of course we always consider other products on the market. Many of them promise to deliver great things, but when you get into the detail, they lack key features that are essential, or are prohibitively expensive.

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Kiara Pare

Easy Inter-company Linking Options and Bulk Mail Function

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-12-04
Review Source: Software Advice

I don't really know what the customer service is like because the software is simple and I haven't had to use it.I use this everyday and find it really easy. It takes some time to set up correctly and put all your custom fields but once you have you can make it your own. I use it for large company structures which have multiple shareholders and directors, it is a very easy way to see the links between companies and how they are related to projects. We are a real estate debt fund and we have a lot of projects with many investors in each, Solve allows me to link each investor to each project. Also I can tag each investor to say if they have a manager and tailor my distribution lists to send to those specific people. By using "access webmail" I can send bulk emails to my tagged contacts.

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Rich Warren

Highly Recommend Solve - CRM to Fit any Business

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-11-05
Review Source: Capterra

We use Solve to track all of our contacts, companies and clients. The relational fields that link related records and clients together is great. I highly recommend Solve CRM and Client Manager.We have been using Solve360 since 2009. We have tested many CRMs and they all lack one thing or another but Solve 360 is completely customizable to fit any organizations needs. The customer support is superb, friendly and always willing to help. We've started using the Solve Client Manager and are extremely happy with its ease of use.

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Travis Haynes

Greatly improves customer service

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-08-23
Review Source: Capterra

I mainly use the contacts section. There's a project's blog that comes in handy for large projects, but mostly I just use the contacts. It keeps everything very well organized. A customer will call me and say something like, "I don't know if you remember me..." and I'll be able to pull up their profile in Solve360 just by looking up their phone number. Before they even finish their sentence, I can reply with,"Oh, yes! You called me a few months ago to ask about..." It leaves a really good impression with my customers.

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Seyta Selter

For the last 12 years, I've depended on Solve 360 CRM as the Superbrain of business.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-06-04
Review Source: Capterra

This is a dream product, allowing for a central nervous system to hold all details of business that need tending. Using it has allowed me to show up in the best ways to clients and customers, and to stay organized and efficient with all work processes.The flexible and all-encompassing nature of what Solve has in its wheelhouse is unparalleled being about to hold all aspects of business. I used Solve in my own business, which was heavily customer-service oriented, then contracted with other small businesses to set up their systems in Solve. I have found it to fit all the needs of a diverse array of businesses, with greatly different needs, including a custom tailoring business, school, small retail business, and international spiritual teacher.

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Only $25/month per user
First 14-days FREE (no credit card)
Includes web and native apps.

Solve features

Activity Dashboard
Automatic Reminders
Customizable Reporting
Email Integration

Activity Tracking (138 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (176 other apps)
CRM Integration (121 other apps)
Calendar Management (162 other apps)
Contact Database (115 other apps)
Custom Fields (136 other apps)
Customer Database (131 other apps)
Customizable Branding (162 other apps)
Customizable Templates (140 other apps)
Data Import/Export (153 other apps)
Electronic Payments (120 other apps)
Mobile Integration (122 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (188 other apps)
Social Media Integration (139 other apps)
Third Party Integration (182 other apps)

Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options
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#16 in CRM

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Key features of Solve

  • Renowned Google Calendar and email integration
  • Customizable fields
  • Exceptional native iPhone, iPad and Android apps
  • Workflow automation
  • Hand-offs, like texting tasks only better
  • Self-managing personal dashboard
  • Flexible reporting
  • Client portal
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Workflow is less work and more flow
- Simplify all record keeping, communication, scheduling and information sharing; especially when mobile.
- Automate work, improve consistency.

Centralized data pays off big time
- Move away from paper, spreadsheets, excessive calling and unloved software.
- Visualize and schedule activity across multiple resources.

Your team earns more 5-star reviews
- Automatically remind staff when to act and highlight what the priorities are.
- Make it drastically easier for all staff types to contribute, improve service and offer proactive support.