Easily create a website for your association with StarChapter


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Easily create a website for your association with StarChapter

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Ryan (StarChapter)

Ryan: It's important to understand that when somebody signs up with StarChapter, the website is the most visible aspect of the software and they could be transitioned from existing website or no website at all and so when they onboard to StarChapter they going to be able to choose from one of our ten different layouts that you can see here and each one of these is designed to be customized by our in-house graphic designer who would be on the team and bring in logo, color scheme, various images for the profession or new trade that they're in and whatever city or landscapes or skylines that they would one have graphically transformed their site into something that is unique and each one of these layouts can be easily customized and they're really geared to show a structure that somebody would be happy with volume of content or the type of content that they're going to have on their databases on month to month basis and once want to choose that, they'll go ahead and customize it and implement.

Jimmy: I also see that that your templates are responsive and looked really well on mobile.

Ryan: They're, that's the key component is that they should have a good user experience for all the members and prospective members, no matter what device they could be using specially if they're trying to get to the meeting on time and looking for directions, they should have pulled the website or anything looking for the directions from their phone or tablet.

Jimmy: That's great to see that your templates are mobile friendly.

Ryan: Yeah, that was really important for us too. So, the demonstration site is one of our layout and designs, that is again responsive. What I would like to show here is that it combines a lot of information that you would see in any typical professional trade association local chapter and with the news information over to the right combining meeting, upcoming information, possibly member's spotlight and sponsorship logo information and also a nice attractive slider which can be easily updated. It's a lot of information that could be used or developed in small chapters and it's important for them to have a website that organizes that and presents it professionally so that it is again back to a good user experience and these sites would have all your typical pages that you would expect such as board of directors page. All we trying to do is minimize the time it takes to update the website. So by having everything at one place like membership data and boards of directors assignments, everything gets updated instantly. So if the President updates an email address, the website updates along with it. You don't have to wait for a webmaster or membership chair to catch up and make these changes.

Jimmy: Alright, this is very useful.

Ryan: Great, the information that typically changes the most for a local chapter is their monthly newsletter. It's important for them to have an easy way to maintain and organize past newsletters and set publishing dates that you would expect a content management system to have, but that also translates into the events and we've taken the events as the central activity piece for any local chapters and it's important for them to be able to display that effectively so you have future events and the website again on December 19 is going to move this into previous archive things so that they are easily referenced and all the information is also easily accessible adding to the calendar, directions, photos but also meeting documents which are important to keep track of as well and all that is accessible and online registration has also handled right to the website, so you don't have people jumping off site and breaking their experience, that's all handled in one place.

Jimmy: And StarChapter is the one that's handling all of this?

Ryan: Correct.

Jimmy: Ok.

Ryan: And the last thing I want to show is the directory is really a big boost for membership value. It allows the members to have the autonomy and control of their own information. So it's really Peggy here to put all of her information without having to bog down the membership chair or the webmaster to update this and keep it real-time accurate. It allows them to really manage their, whatever profession they are in into many different categories making this a very useful directory from member to member interaction. It's an old concept, but normally it falls by the wayside because the barracks are maintained and this allows it to manage itself and really don't add any overheads for volunteer leaders.