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Manage professional groups and trade associations with StarChapter

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Ryan (StarChapter)

Jimmy: Ryan, how are you?

Ryan: I am doing great.

Jimmy: Awesome, So let's see. First of all, I would like to help our viewers or listeners self-identify to see if they should stick around to continue and learn about StarChapter. So, who is the ideal person that StarChapter is perfect for? What type of job are they doing? What does this role look like?

Ryan: The short answer is typically a volunteer or a leader of a local chapter of a professional or trade association.

Jimmy: Ok, and what are some of the benefits that they are seeing from signing up and using StarChapter? How is it helping them solve problems?

Ryan: StarChapter software and service is really geared towards helping consolidate a lot of the tasks that these volunteers or leaders of local chapters are doing month on month in their activities. So we are really combining the email communication, membership management, VAT registration and rolling it up into website and content management with full e-commerce. So, really the ultimate goal is for them to save time and enjoy smooth board continuity and increased membership and revenue.

Jimmy: Wow! this is really a centerpiece to these associations or these groups of people. To help them better do whatever activity they are undertaking.

Ryan: Right. It is a full business application that normally a chapter small in sizes are not able to put together in a report or they don't have the expertise to maintain and so, we are really bringing that down to a level that they can utilize.

Jimmy: So, how long is a typical time span that your users are staying on board and what are some of the steps that StarChapter takes into making sure that their experience with StarChapter is the best possible?

Ryan: Well, it's different. If it's a board volunteers, they are using our software for as long as they are on the board. So it could be multiple positions - may be they move around from secretary

to programs to membership to Vice President to President. That could be up to be eight years. But we focus on the transition and he may be a paid administrator in 15 years or more. Other roles, as far as length and time, can vary.

Jimmy: Ok. What are some of the things that StarChapter does to make sure that your users are as successful as possible with the software?

Ryan: It’s a great question because we really want our users to use the software effectively because it feels like if they do, they are going to see the benefits, and, obviously stay with us for a long time.

So, we have put together a support layer to ongoing board training for different positions, dedicated time for board members as they are transitioning to look to start after further support and providing technical knowledge base, articles, best practices, and video tutorials. So, all this is geared towards a self-help or looking to us for in a person to person help.