Managing association members with StarChapter


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Managing association members with StarChapter

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Ryan (StarChapter)

Ryan: You are going to have the membership manager, which, again, should look familiar by now. It is listing the items, in this case, is their numbers with details. You might not need to dig into further. You can do quick lookups and you can also manage your non-members. There's two sides. Sometimes you need to suspend a member or move to non-member. Maybe just send them a quick email or statement or get him to subscribe to something. You keep in groups, the managed people could be the business categories from the directory or different membership levels. And, that works from the member and nonmember side. As well as corporate memberships and dues, so that people can pay and renew and pay their dues right online. It could be prorated, monthly, or could be yearly, annuals, all the different types of renewals are built into the systems here and you can obviously track your membership levels, reports and easily import information into the system via import management.

Jimmy: One quick question about the dues. How is payment handled within Star Chapter?

Ryan: Any e-commerce transaction is handled securely on one page or the other whether its dues or account screens or meetings or registration process or store while buying a hat or a shirt, it will be through the store pages or the catalogue pages but all of it is handled securely on the site and we are compatible with a number of gateways. So that if a chapter has a merchant accounts and they can plugin with that or compatible with Paypal, and there is a number of different e-commerce options for the chapters to use. So we are fully e-commerce enabled. Star Chapter does not handle the money so we don’t get in between there and money goes from the merchant account to the chapter.