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StarChapter’s pricing plans

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Ryan (StarChapter)

Ryan: Yes, definitely. There's more to say in our live demos then what I went over. I wanted to give a good overview and show you some details of how StartChapter operates and it is easy to use. But I definitely encourage anyone who is interested to see our live demonstration to address the specific issues that you might be encountering with a particular chapter. But, what we have done here from the pricing standpoint is come up with four plans and they are really geared around the sides of the chapter so what we found is that the size usually dictates a lot of other activities. How much they are emailing, how many events, what they are charging and how much e-commerce is going through, and that's what we developed our pricing models on. So, we have really packed a lot of value into two areas - one is the one-time setup fee. We realize that this is not just a plug and play get a website up and running in five minutes solution. You can do that with a Lite plan, but, we feel that set of people offer success they need a project, a mini project, where they get this website up and running and get its volunteers and even as a paid administrator but last the last thing they want to put on their plate is a new website project. So, what we do is a $699, $899 or $1499 - you could see here - what time it takes for our team to have a kickoff meeting, assign deliverables and actually migrate content over and setup data for the chapter. Because obviously we already know the system better and can get over the hump and then just focus on training people how to use the system, not just look at nooks and crannies of the setups. And, the outcome is that they get up and running really within three to six weeks. They have the new setups. And, ongoing, they have the flat monthly fee. We wanted to create a flat line item for the chapters and when there is planning the year and putting the budget and not to worry about surprises. So, as we improve the system and roll out new features, they get the benefit of that but not to worry about being outdated or on an older version, worrying about plugins, vulnerabilities and other things, it's all peace of mind with security with StarChapter and they get our support. And the ongoing support and trainings, the live trainings and group trainings are available and we really are focused on to make that sure that the chapters are using the system properly. And, the limits that come with each plan are really designed not to be hindrance. Most of the people under Standard plan never even come close to the limits. Especially in the Premier, our most popular plan, people really aren't sending 60,000 emails per month. But we want to show them that they can grow and they are not going to be "Oh! Let's not send these emails because we are close to our limit". We want to encourage a good activity and that's our overall plus.