The main dashboard view of StarChapter


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The main dashboard view of StarChapter

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Ryan (StarChapter)

Ryan: What you are seeing is our dashboard view. We have a couple of other views so if you just get started with StarChapter, you might be on the "Quick-Start" view which is more a guide to help you move through some certain configuration things and "Board Transition" view is all about helping people in when they're in transition. So, based on when they might transition, this view is very helpful to kind of get new administrator setup and updating the board page and other areas to schedule, training and preparing for that transition. But, on a regular day-to-day basis, they see the dashboards which could have some announcements we are pushing as well as a message board between administrators of board members saying they did one thing or another - just a static message board there. On the right hand side you have usage, storage, membership details which you can drill down into and as well as upcoming meetings as well so if you have couple of meetings that are happening this month and next month, you can start to see some of the registration activity and then the regular account administration. But on the left-hand side, you have the main areas of administration you have content which is dealing with your Content Management Systems (CMS), all the pages then you move into all the communications your emails, reminders and surveys, meetings and events ,all the registration setup, information and the latest on top of the membership and non-member data. We also have a "Store" function which also allows chapters to sell hats, mugs and t-shirts, a raffle ticket or sponsorships to generate extra revenue that they may not have thought possible before and General, would be your administrative area and setup and configuration.