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Customer relationship management system for small businesses

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StarterCRM overview

What is StarterCRM?

StarterCRM is a suite of web-based applications designed specifically for small businesses. These tools will help you to manage customer and prospect information, build better relationships with your customers and close more deals.


If you're frustrated with the cost and complexity of "old school" Customer Relationship Management solutions and wish there was a simpler way to manage and track your customer data, we have the answer. The Contact Management application helps you keep your business organized. Use it to schedule appointments, track sales data, create customized reports, manage your customer and prospect information and much more.


Are you tired of wasting time trying to draft your own sales documents? Do you wish that your sales letters and proposals were more professional? Would you like to do a better job staying in touch with your key customers and prospects? If so, we have the answer. The Marketing Communications application is a web-based tool that businesses can use to create marketing campaigns, access hundreds of sales document templates, communicate with your customers & prospects so you can close more deals


The StarterSuccess Customer Service/Issue Tracking application is a powerful customer service and support tool that seamlessly integrates with the contact management application so that any business, no matter how big or small, can more effectively respond to their customer's issues and requests. Using this web-based application, you can track, prioritize and resolve all your customer issues and assign responsibility for issue resolution to members of your team. Using this incredible tool, customer service issues will get resolved faster, your customers will be happier and you'll be building better, more lasting customer relationships.


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StarterCRM pricing

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Subscription to all 3 applications = $24.95/Month (Includes 2 user licenses).
Individual application subscription = $14.95/Month (Includes 2 user licenses)

StarterCRM features

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Additional information for StarterCRM

Key features of StarterCRM

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Create customized reports
  • Track and manage leads
  • Access hundreds of sales document templates
  • Create ongoing marketing campaigns
  • Track and resolve customer issues
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The StarterCRM Contact Management application not only keeps you organized, it provides you with important information that you can use to improve your selling efforts and close more deals. For example:

* Find out who your best customers are – Once you know who your best customers are, you can use the information to target your sales and marketing efforts at other companies just like them.
* Make better hiring decisions – Start by identifying your top performing sales reps and determining their key strengths. Once you’ve done this, you can use this information as the basis for hiring and training new reps.
* Find out who your best performers are – Determine who your best performing account executives are and give them your “hottest” leads.
* Learn more about what’s selling and what isn’t – Knowing what sells and what doesn’t is critical to your sales and product development efforts. Find out what is it about these products that makes them successes or failures.
* Identify marketing campaigns that yielded the best results – Use StarterCRM to measure the return on expense of your marketing campaigns. Pick the best performing campaigns and use them again.
* Determine whether there’s seasonality in your business – Look at your sales numbers to see if there’s seasonality in your business. Focus your advertising and marketing dollars on the months that are seasonally positive for your business
* Analyze sales data to determine geographic influences – Use the data to focus sales efforts and marketing dollars on products in areas where they’re likely to sell