All about TeamSupports main dashboard and ways to submit tickets


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All about TeamSupports main dashboard and ways to submit tickets

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Robert (TeamSupport)

Robert: Well generally, you start in TeamSupport in the dashboard and this is where we show a great deal of information about our customers, about the issues, about groups, about severities. About all kinds of things. One of the important things to understand about the dashboard and in fact, TeamSupport in general is that it's very customizable.

Everybody's dashboard is set up to be independent. We can put any report we have on this system so any piece of data that we can report on, we can put the dashboard and the dashboard is totally customizable on individual user basis.

Looking the overall navigation of the system, you'll see we have on the left-hand side, we have all the major functions of the software. We'll talk about a number of these in a little bit.

On the top, we have a number of tabs. We have tabs opened for different reports that are open, different customers we looked at recently, different tickets and a lot of information about things we've looked at most recently.

So, TeamSupport is very customizable, very easy to use; hence, something that we can deploy very quickly for our customers as well.

Jimmy: Okay. So when somebody signs up to TeamSupport, what would be those initial first steps and maybe setting up this account so that it's a little bit more appropriate to their business or their customers?

Robert: Certainly. Again, a lot of areas in TeamSupport that allows to customize the system and we go through a great onboarding process with our customers. Of course, it's a very easy to use piece of software but we also spend a lot of time and resources with our onboarding team making sure that our customers take full advantage of the system.

And we really try to understand how our customers want to use this system to help them with customizations. So we can customize things like the different ticket types or if you will have different types of tickets and these are just different ones we have in this particular demo account that can be totally customized.

Custom fields we can track a great deal of information about each ticket, about each customer, about products. All kinds of things in the system. So very customizable. We also can customize our customer portals so we have the ability. In fact, I'll show you here in a second.

This is a demo software account we have. Bits&Bytes, this is a demo company we have and if you go to Support tab here, you can see how we've embedded our various support tools within a fake company here ... We help our customers embed TeamSupport within their customer portal.

And again, very customizable. Very easy to use. We can change the fonts and the graphics and the colors and everything in the system to match their website as well.

Jimmy: Okay. Is this where somebody would submit a ticket or -

Robert: This would be on the what we call a web portal so this should be one location that a customer would submit a ticket to the system and we have a number of different ways to do it.

We have certainly this form. We also have email to tickets so somebody can simply email into a unique support address or multiple different support addresses per customer and create that ticket.

We also have live chat built in to the system as well. In fact, we can see it right there. We even have social integration with Facebook and some other things as well.

So, we really believe in supporting all types of interactions that customers would want to have with us or with our customers and we call that omnichannel. And the benefit there, of course, is that all that comes in to TeamSupport is a ticket and is worked as a ticket and then we can transfer between different ticket types as well very easily.

So, if a cover station comes in as a chat, we can very easily change that to a longer term email conversation or somebody calls in, we can certainly look at that ticket and have that notes in that conversation on a phone call as well so very easy to do omnichannel support across all the different channels that we support and can support.