Complete walkthrough of TeamSupports ticket view


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Complete walkthrough of TeamSupports ticket view

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Robert (TeamSupport)

Robert: So if I have a ticket real quick, we can search on tickets here but I'm going to open up one ... we already have open and take a look at what the agent view of a ticket looks like. So this ticket came in via email. We can tell that right there. There's a little email icon. So the ticket, of course, came from email.

But we can tell immediately a lot of things about this ticket. We can tell who the last action was created by. In this case, Jamey. We've got his picture there. We can scroll through and see all the other actions that have been added to this ticket.

We have a number of different things we can do. We can add public actions which means the customer actually gets an email about that or a customer's email are updated in the web portal with their information.

We can also have private interactions so this would be something that we would have internally in TeamSupport that only internal agents can be able to see.

We also have a great feature called a Watercooler and I can talk about that in a little more but the neat thing here is we actually have Watercooler conversations which is kind of like an internal social network or collaboration tool that we have within TeamSupport. That conversation, if it's associated with a ticket actually shows up in the ticket timeline. So we see a lot of different actions about the ticket.

Over here on the right-hand side, we see a great deal of information about the ticket and this is again, like many areas in TeamSupport, totally customizable. Our customers can move this boxes around; can change the order of fields so they can set the flow of the system so that it matches the flow of how they use TeamSupport.

We can also track a lot of custom fields in the system as well. And again, anything that the customer wants to track, we can track with the custom field in TeamSupport.

We also have a neat feature called conditional custom field which allows us to nest custom fields so that only information that is relevant to the ticket is displayed and the particular custom fields are only displayed based on the value of the prior custom fields. So a neat way to ensure we're getting the right data about a ticket.

If we add a public action. I'll click here an add an action. Just want to talk about a couple of neat features we have in the system. Because we do a lot of support of software and technology tools, one of the really important things we have is the ability to insert a screenshot into the system. So we can click ... button right there and we're going to insert a screenshot directly into the action.

So that will be inline in text. We can be talking about the issue and adding an inline screenshot to show our customers exactly how to solve a particular problem.

We also have two other really neat features. We've got a lot of features in the system. I'm only going to talk about two of them right here in this particular page. If you click this button, you'll have the ability of actually recording a screencast of the screen that you're on for your customers. The customers have the ability to do that via the portal as well.

So it'll allow us to do a full screencast of anything on your desktop with an audio narration so very similar to what you're watching right here and then go to make a recording, we can actually embed directly into the ticket and show our customers how to use a particular feature or how to solve an issue; again, we a full audio narration.

The customers can do the same thing. Through the portal, they can record the problem they're having, again with narration and submit that as part of the ticket.

Another nice thing we have but this is great for our software and technology customers who are recording screens. This feature, record a video, called video view allows us to record from the webcam of a computer. Again, our customers can do this as well.

So we have a lot of customers that are technology companies but are supporting physical pieces of hardware. In that case, the ability to point a webcam at that piece of hardware and show what's supposed to be happening or what isn't happening, either from the customer's perspective or the agent's perspective putting full-motion video in the ticket is a very powerful feature that allows us to have great customer satisfaction and great customer resolution as well.

Jimmy: Yes. This is extremely great because it's one of those things that a lot of people are going to be, they're going to need support and sometimes, it's just much easier to upload a video or to record a screencast. So if you don't have to go in and use another product and then edit it in some other place and then have to attach it here somehow.

Taking care of all those steps just from the editor is really unique.

Robert: Thank you. We appreciate that and that's been a big part of our feature set as well. And about these cases, you simply click one button and have the ability to record a screen or click another button and have the ability to record it through the webcam.

These are very powerful and very unique features in TeamSupport and something that really sets us apart especially for our core customer based that's going to be supporting a software or technology product as well.