Get familiar with TeamSupports company overview page


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Get familiar with TeamSupports company overview page

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Robert (TeamSupport)

Robert: Let's talk about our customers. A couple of things that really make TeamSupport unique, the ability to have multimedia in a ticket is one of them. But another one really is our understanding of the customer. We talked a little bit ago about B2B versus B2C and the differences there.

And again, we really are focused on business to business interactions. We feel it's very important to understand your customers. Generally, on a B2B interaction, you're talking to the same company a number of different times, potentially about multiple products and certainly with multiple people in that company and understanding the conversations happening with a company and multiple people in that company as opposed to a collection of individuals who's very important. And again, something that I think TeamSupport does fairly uniquely as well.

So here's the main customer page. We can search on companies and contacts here and we see recently viewed companies and contacts over here.

I'm going to click on Acme, one of our customers here. The first thing we get is ... alert message and what this shows us is it shows the agent everytime they open this particular company, this alert message will pop up. And of course, this can be anything you want it to be but it's a way to ensure the support agents know information that's important about particular customers.

So in this case, it says Acme just got acquired so it's an important issue to support agents to be able to know about.

When you look at the company overview page, couple of things will pop up immediately. First off, the graphs we have in the open tickets and closed ticket give you immediate information about the tickets that are available, ... tickets that have been opened by this particular customer and an idea ... volume of this ticket recently.

One of the really unique features we have in TeamSupport is this. It's called the CDI or the Customer Distress Index and this is again a very unique feature. What it does is it computes a number based on a number of different factors involved in a customer.

We look at things like number of tickets that are open, number of tickets that are stale; how long that they've been open. How many ticket's we've closed, how long it's taking us to do that, severity of tickets and a number of different functions, a number of different metrics in a customer account.

We also compute a trend at numbers as well. In this case, the CDI number is 49 so not too bad. We're not in the yellow or red zone. And also in this case, the CDI is trending downwards which is a good thing. We start getting really worried about customers when they're in the yellow or red zone and the CDI is trending up. That means they've got a lot of issues; their potential distress is very high and certainly, if it's already high and trending higher, that's not a good indicator at all.

So we have the ability in running reports very easily and determining which one of our customers are under a high deal of potential distress and which way they're trending. That allows management and support team to really understand that and reach out to the customers that may need a little more help.

So this is a really unique feature in TeamSupport. It allows us to understand our customers much better and allows us to understand which customers are having potential issues as well.