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Learn about TeamSupports social and collaboration tools

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Robert (TeamSupport)

Robert: Let's talk about some of our social tools and collaboration tools that we have in TeamSupport. We talked about TeamSupport really being powerful and understanding our customers and that's a big part of what we do in B2B support.

Another big piece that we do in B2B support is internal collaboration. Generally speaking, a B2B interaction is going to be deeper and more complex than a B2C interaction. And in a lot of cases, a support agent may have to reach out to other people in the company to get more information about a particular case and find out potentially the subject matter expert that may have more information about a particular issue.

So the Watercooler allows them to do that. It's a, imagine if you will, an internal social network or Facebook or something else built directly into your support tools. A support agent can reach out to other members of the support team, potentially people in the product development team or other areas in the company ... the subject matter expert the solution of their problem and get that answered very quickly outside of the ... or more formal constraints of the ticket.

So again, very easy, very social way to reach out and find other people in the company that can help you. We can associate Watercooler conversations with a ticket as we showed earlier on but also with the customers as well. And also, you can limit the conversation to internal groups.

Another feature we have that collaborative is we called Groups and this will be things like your support group, your product development group or even sales of various TeamSupport as well. The groups have the ability of putting agents who are in TeamSupport in a group an allows us to do things like Watercooler conversations and tickets and Calendar items that are all associated with this particular set of people. It also allows us to move tickets between groups as well. A classic example of this is moving from a tier one support group to a tier two or an escalation group for example. And allows us to move tickets to the right group of people very easily.

Another neat internal collaboration feature we have is this guy. Going back to the ticket view for a second, one thing you'll notice at the top is it says, "Chat with Others Viewing" so I can tell immediately that I'm not the only person looking at this ticket. In fact, Michael Scott actually looking at this ticket as well.

If I want to have a conversation with Michael, instead of picking up the phone or using Skype or using email, I can simply click this right here and a chat box pops up and now, I have a real-time chat going on with Michael.

So we've got a lot of collaboration features built in TeamSupport that allows support teams to better support their customers by working together and we show that's a very important part of TeamSupport in our customers' interaction with their customers.