Learn about the many integrations and API provided by TeamSupport


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Learn about the many integrations and API provided by TeamSupport

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Robert (TeamSupport)

Robert: TeamSupport does not live on an island by itself. We have a great deal of integration with other partners' systems. Here you just see a handful of the different systems that we integrate with natively and we also integrate with a number of systems through the Zapier platform as well, through API integrations.

We've got a great API, a very powerful API systems to allow our customers to do their own integrations and it's very common. It will have customers that will write to their own internal systems and this really neat integration. We've got a couple of case studies written about how customers are using our API to integrate with their internal custom business systems.

A lot of our customers will, of course, integrate with Salesforce. In fact, a pretty common ... that would be Salesforce Jira in TeamSupport. Saleforce for sales and marketing automation. Jira for the product development team. And of course, TeamSupport for the customer support group. We have great integrations of both systems.

With Salesforce, we actually have four bi-directional keys information so if a ticket is created in TeamSupport, that automatically is created into case in Salesforce and vice-versa as well. We do it for cases and for actions in there as well.

For example, if a sales person goes on site and see that there's an open case on one of their customers, they can add a comment to that case and that will ... automatically into TeamSupport so support team sees that.

Another great example of collaboration, the ability to working with users in a company that may not even be using TeamSupport and may be using other internal business systems. So again, a great example of collaboration within TeamSupport.

Jimmy: Yes. Having all that information available when you're speak with the customer and just knowing immediately their most recent actions and it really helps that conversation, feel like it's more authentic right you're actually know the person.

Robert: Exactly.

Jimmy: So what about Zapier? What are some of the things that you've seen customers doing with Zapier?

Robert: All kinds of neat stuff. Zapier is a pretty cool platform. We have a core set of native integrations that we've written with our team and we have very deep integration with them and in many cases, bi-directional integration as well.

So things like Salesforce and Oracle and Hubspot here and a lot of these platforms, we have customers that want a very deep level of integration.

But there are obviously a lot of ... platforms, a lot of other platforms that are out there that people would like to have the ability of pulling data from TeamSupport in integrating with those systems. So, we see a lot of different ... platforms that people want to integrate with and use Zapier for that. We also have them integrated with Google Docs with creating tickets on a timer for example.

All kinds of stuff. It's a neat platform that opens up a world of possibilities and really for systems that may not have integrated already but allows our customers to do some neat ... integrations. It's been fun to watch what they're coming up with.