Learn what TeamSupport is all about and who should consider using them


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Learn what TeamSupport is all about and who should consider using them

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Robert (TeamSupport)

Jimmy: Hi and welcome back to another GetGuide brought to you by GetApp. Today, I'm joined by Robert Johnson which is president and co-founder of TeamSupport. Robert, how are you?

Robert: I'm doing great, Jimmy. How are you doing this afternoon?

Jimmy: Absolutely awesome. So, first things first. How did the whole idea of founding a tech company startup because I think it's not often yet we get to speak to one of the co-founders in one of our walkthroughs so just to add up curiosity, what was that initial spark that led down this road?

Robert: It's actually my third company. I had a software and technology company and then an oil and gas company. This is actually my third company I have founded and run. But the idea behind TeamSupport really came from my last software company. We were in the television software business. We sold software to T.V. and cable stations around the globe.

One of the reasons that we were very successful is that we were really good at customer support. So the idea behind TeamSupport really came from encapsulating a lot of the ideas and some of the technology we've invented to my company and making it available to a broader audience.

So it really is like any good entrepreneur solving a problem that we saw a need for.

Jimmy: Okay. So with TeamSupport, how do you explain what TeamSupport can do for a business when somebody's curious into knowing more?

Robert: Sure. What TeamSupport is really designed for primarily for B2B software and technology companies. As we just talked about my background really is in dev, software space and we really understand the B2B world very well.

We feel that B2B support is fundamentally different than B2C support and we really built the entire tool around the ability to support customers as businesses, not as individuals. So we've got a lot of technology inside TeamSupport to allow us to support those businesses and particularly software and technology type companies.

And that's really what TeamSupport does very well. We hope our customers support their customers in pride, actually passionate customers around their products.

Jimmy: So for the person that's watching and listening to us right now, how can we help them self-identify in the sense of, you know, really I would like them to answer this question and say, "Okay, my company is the right type of company to consider using TeamSupport.

So what is that type of company and look like company size, maybe an industry or what would that look like for the person listening?

Robert: Majority of our customers are B2B software and or technology companies and by B2B, companies that are selling to other businesses not ... to consumers. We do certainly have customers that are using us to support customers and individual consumers but the vast majority of our customers are B2B software and technology companies.

We really cross all verticals as far as industry and all sizes as well. We have customers that have up to 600 plus seats using TeamSupport and we have customers that are much smaller than that as well. We really cross all industries, all verticals and pretty much all sizes as well with the common factor being primarily a B2B software and technology company.