More about the security features and options offered by TeamSupport


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More about the security features and options offered by TeamSupport

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Robert (TeamSupport)

Robert: Let's talk about users and security right. As a cloud vendor, certainly protecting our customers' data and making sure it's secured is a big deal for us and we're ... in a very secured SSAE 16 audited data center here in Dallas. We also have a lot of functionality within TeamSupport to limit potentially what an individual agent can see.

Depending on the company and depending on how they set things up, if they can either have agents seeing everything but generally in a larger company where they want to potentially have more sensitive data in the system, they don't do that.

So we'll have individual users that they can lock down to see just specific subsets of data they want in their system and we got a lot of neat ways we can do that by primarily through a function we have called Ticket Rights.

So I'm in a individual user account that can support users' account here. We can select they ... see only the tickets that are assigned to them, only in their groups or that are just with specific customers or may have agents that only have access to certain customers.

We also have a new feature called Product Lines which allows us to group various products together under one product line. We can also associate ticket or rights under that. In most cases, Product Line is used when we have larger companies that have multiple divisions all using TeamSupport but they want to just put out the division so that when a division is using it, they really only see their data. It looks prone to its purposes like TeamSupport was only the place for them.

But in the company wide settings, they can actually run reports across the entire company, across all divisions and look at metrics and everything across everybody else.

So again, a really powerful feature especially for our larger customers that want to have multiple division and potentially hundreds and hundreds of people using TeamSupport but only be able to see that specific data that they're authorized to see.