The pricing plans offered by TeamSupport


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The pricing plans offered by TeamSupport

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Robert (TeamSupport)

Robert: TeamSupport's pricing is very open and transparent. We have two different versions. We have the Enterprise version which is 45 dollars a month per agent per month and Support Desk which is 35 dollars per agent per month.

The difference between the two is the product section and the inventory section. Let me go back to TeamSupport for a second. We'll see here the product section and the inventory section. We really didn't talk too much about this but the ability to associate a ticket with an individual product and then go back and look at the individual products and understand what tickets are open by product is a very important feature for a lot of our in software and technology companies.

We can also do things like when we have a customer, we can associate the product to that customers. We know exactly what products they're using and we are going to also tie support expiration dates to that particular product as well and do a number of different things with that.

The inventory function allows us to associate physical inventory to a customer's site. So again, our customers who are supporting physical products, this would be where they can actually ship a piece of hardware to a customer, track it by a serial number and track individual tickets by that as well.

That's really the difference between our Enterprise and our Support Desk versions.

We do have a third offering which is our Private Cloud. This is a new offering for us but what it does is for our customers that have a particularly sensitive data in TeamSupport or that they have geographical restrictions on where that data is stored, we offer a Private Cloud solution. In this case, this is not be a multitenancy solution. It would be a single tenant solution that only they would be able to see.

We're going to also store that data in a geography that makes the most sense for that customer. For example, we have a number of customers in Europe that would really prefer the data to be stored in Europe and our main data center is in the U.S. So in that case, where they would select our product cloud offering, they would have a single instance of TeamSupport that only was available to them and that that data actually would, in fact, live in the geographic region that they designated it to be.

And that pricing, we can talk about on a customer by customer basis. But generally, our Enterprise pricing is 45 dollars per month per user and Support Desk is 35 dollars so very straightforward and very open ...