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CRM for managing sales leads and marketing automation

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TrackerGO overview

What is TrackerGO?

TrackerGO is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that helps organizations take control over sales outcomes and organize sales correspondence. TrackerGO satisfies the needs of varying business sizes with corporate functions and features that are applicable to larger and smaller businesses.

TrackerGO provides full lead management which enables users to auto-capture leads from web forms, trace email clicks in marketing campaigns, and scrape email inboxes. Users can add tags and attach files per lead, account or contact, and use the workflow engine to monitor lead status. Set up email triggers by assigning actions to specific events that occur in the CRM, for example sales status changes.

TrackerGO offers campaign management that enables users to target clients and prospects through drip email marketing. Users can import and export accounts and contacts, as well as sync their Outlook and Google calendars.

TrackerGO also enables automated client follow-ups and data mining for acquiring useful insights. Google Analytics data is also automatically imported into TrackerGO, simply by logging into the solution.


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TrackerGO screenshot: Drag and drop features in the sales stage view for lead managementHow To Use The TrackerGO CRM Search FiltersTrackerGO screenshot: The dashboard shows the day's sales total, activity volume, schedule and top leadsTrackerGO screenshot: Users can configure their workflow rules, names, and select templatesTrackerGO screenshot: View and track all leads, stay up to date on their sales stage and statusHow To Interpret The DashboardHow To Mine For Gold Customers

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Basic : $9.00 user/month

Mid: $19.00 user/month

Advanced: $1399.00 / month

On-premise: $3,999.00

TrackerGO features

Activity Tracking
Calendar Management
Custom Fields
Customizable Reporting
Data Import/Export

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Additional information for TrackerGO

Key features of TrackerGO

  • Drag and drop sales stage view
  • Lead management
  • Account management
  • Contact management
  • Custom reports
  • Standard reports
  • Dashboard
  • Mobile Crm
  • Account & contact import/export
  • Facebook type post/reply with lead prospects
  • Log activities and notes
  • Attach files to accounts, leads and contacts
  • Automated follow-up scheduler
  • Offline Outlook CRM
  • Automated lead addition from email inboxes
  • Campaign management & delivery
  • Outlook calendar sync
  • Google calendar sync
  • Configure sales teams
  • Automated lead routing
  • Automated follow-ups sent to clients
  • Add tags per lead, account or contact
  • Workflow engine to monitor status and trigger events
  • Campaign and drip marketer
  • Data mining
  • Predictive measurement of landing page behavior
  • All landing page events and behavior tracked in the CRM
  • Landing page analytics
  • Limitless customizations
  • ERP integration
  • Lead management
  • Marketing automation
  • Automated lead capture
  • Custom fields
  • 2048 Bit RSA encryption
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Users can have the programming department add customized web pages to TrackerGO and develop new features and functions specific to their business target.

The TrackerGO integrations team can integrate the solution with the any ERP subsystems for accounting, sales, distribution, manufacturing, and more.

TrackerGO's automated follow-up scheduler advises users on when to dial based on specific algorithms, taking care of highest priority tasks.

Users can access their Outlook CRM without, an internet connection, allowing for 'sync later' options, perfect for field sales.

TrackerGO offers 2048 Bit RSA encryption on an Amazon hosted infrastructure and free expert CRM guidance.