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Walsh Mobile Survey Solution

Transform surveys into a powerful business tool

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Walsh Mobile Survey Solution overview

Walsh Mobile Survey Solution allows users to create and manage multiple custom surveys with a range of response types, photos, notes, signatures and more. Users can deliver surveys to the phones or tablets of all their surveyors in just a click. The results are uploaded automatically and accurate insights are available instantly.

Walsh technology helps ensure consistency and eliminates delays. Users can add background questions and link photos and notes to findings for deeper layers of insight. Users can also capture signatures during surveys and edit results.

Gain clear, usable research on what customers are saying with detailed reports. Drill down the data with filters to reduce noise or create custom sort orders and access current and historic responses, details and trends for a bigger picture. All data is kept secure in cloud storage, and users get access to Walsh's live, professional support.


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Walsh Mobile Survey Solution screenshot: Generate accurate detailed reportsWalsh Mobile Survey Solution screenshot: Make surveys accessible from a phone or tabletWalsh Mobile Survey Solution screenshot: Create custom surveysWalsh Mobile Survey Solution screenshot: Add questions, and numerous response optionsWalsh Mobile Survey Solution screenshot: Add photos and notes, linked to findingsWalsh Mobile Survey Solution screenshot: Capture signatures during surveysWalsh Mobile Survey Solution screenshot: Login to the Walsh Mobile Survey Solution anytime, anywhere

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Walsh Mobile Survey Solution features

Customer Database
Customizable Templates
Mobile Integration
Reporting & Statistics

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Additional information for Walsh Mobile Survey Solution

Key features of Walsh Mobile Survey Solution

  • Question branching
  • Templates
  • Email distribution
  • Question library
  • Mobile learning
  • Data collection
  • Barcode scanning
  • Survey management
  • Custom survey URLs
  • Customer database
  • Equipment / service history
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Remote access
  • File management
  • Site intercept survey
  • Embeddable survey
  • Multiple question types
  • Data analysis tools
  • Skip logic
  • Phone survey
  • Online survey
  • Mobile survey
  • Offline response collection
  • Paper survey
  • Supports audio / images / video
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Walsh Mobile Survey Solution includes an intuitive mobile interface for collecting survey data, and robust technology for reporting, for clear and actionable insights.

On a phone or tablet, users are able to:

* Create custom surveys.
* Any question, numerous response options.
* Deploy and use instantly.
* Add photos and notes, linked to findings.
* Capture signatures during your surveys.
* Easily edit results.

Manage results:

* Generate accurate detailed reports.
* Use numerous filters to reduce noise.
* Create custom sort orders.
* Access current and historic responses, details and trends.
* Easily manage surveys and surveyors.
* Secure cloud storage.
* Live, professional support.