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Zoho CRM use case: F. Joe Hart

F. Joe Hart

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3rd of November, 2016
Staying on top with Zoho

I use the Zoho CRM app to update when I make contact with leads, accounts and even update potentials with notes that will be usefull back at the office. This app has made keeping my sales funnel moving a lot easier.

What do you like best?

Quickly add new contacts and updated existing ones. Call tracking when calling a client or lead. Easily update potentials in app.

What do you dislike?

I haven't found any thing that I don't like.

Why did you end up selecting Zoho CRM over other applications?

It was cost effective, easy to setup and easily customizable fit our business needs.

If so, why did you switch?

Dynamics was horibly inefficient.

What is your main use case with Zoho CRM?

We use it to track clients and the sales process. We also use it to make sure things don't slip through the cracks.

Give one example how Zoho CRM has improved the way your organization functions

We setup a reminder email for potentials that haven't been updated in 30 days to prevent things from falling in the cracks.

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Zoho has been a life saver, if you want to be more effective at managing your customer relationships then you should use Zoho.

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