Appointments and Scheduling Software

What is Appointments and Scheduling Software?

Appointment and scheduling software helps businesses and sole traders to optimize the appointment booking process for you, your customers and your staff. A common benefit of appointment scheduling software is the ability for customers to make online bookings without the need to speak to a member of staff or the person providing the service. This is achieved through real-time information on availability, waiting lists and rates.

Appointment and scheduling software will generally include features to help you better store and manage customer data. View client history of services and keep personal customer information in one secure place. Stored information can also be used to automate invoice creation and apply discount rates to prices.

Appointment scheduling applications can also be used to manage the availability of shared spaces and equipment. Through email and SMS reminders and notifications for both staff and customers, these tools can help to deal with issues such as double bookings, cancellations, modifications to appointments and no-shows.

Customers can use these apps to make their own appointments online as well as to cancel or reschedule appointments.

As well as booking their own appointments, customers can pay for services online in advance and receive automated receipts. Other features allow you to promote your business through discount codes and integration with social media platforms and deal providers.

Staff can use scheduling software to better manage their time by logging into their individual accounts for an overview of their calendars. They can modify their availability remotely without having to contact reception. Through shared calendars and staff profiles staff members are made aware of the schedules of their colleagues and can be made aware of vacations and breaks.

They may also include feedback and review capabilities, and social media integration. Scheduling tools can be used by a range of businesses from medical, educational and sports centres to beauty salons and massage therapists.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Online reservation capabilities for clients
  • Client view of staff schedule and availability
  • Online acceptance of payments and pre-payments
  • Automated phone, email, SMS reminders and notifications
  • Automatic updating of customer records
  • Shared staff timetables and availability
  • Management of room and itinerary availability
  • Automated billing and invoicing
  • Management of promotions and deals