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CRM Software with Customer Service Analytics

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Contact Management
Manage, organize, and store contact informationAverage user rating


Contact Database
Centralized database of stakeholders and their contact information such as names, address, phone number etc.Average user rating


Lead Management
Store information about leads or contacts and track, manage and nurture them throughout the sales processAverage user rating


Sales Pipeline Management
Pipeline view and tracking lead statusAverage user rating


View and track pertinent metricsAverage user rating


Lead Capture
Automatically identify and save contact information of potential customersAverage user rating


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Bitrix24 logo

100% free CRM, collaboration, and communication tool suite

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Bitrix24 is the leading free online CRM software used by over 12 million companies worldwide. It is available in cloud or on-premise with open source code access. Unlimited leads, deals, contacts, companies, quotes, invoices and appointment scheduling.

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Zendesk Suite logo

Service-first CRM company that builds support & sales tools

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Zendesk's fully customizable help desk solution makes things easy on your customers, sets your teams up for success, and keeps your business in sync. Reach customers on any channel and equip your agents with a full history of all interactions, including those tracked from 700+ app integrations.

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Front logo

How 8,000+ companies streamline customer communication.

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Front is a customer operations platform that enables support, sales, and account management teams to deliver exceptional service at scale. Front streamlines customer communication by combining the efficiency of a help desk and the familiarity of email.

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Vtiger CRM logo

All-in-one CRM for small businesses

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Vtiger CRM enables marketing, sales, and support teams to follow, engage with, and plan work around customers as they move across the entire customer life cycle

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Issuetrak logo

Report. Resolve. Relax. It starts with Issuetrak.

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Tired of software that lets you do just enough to dream of what you could accomplish with more control? Issuetrak lets you manage issue creation, resolution, reporting and more exactly the way you want. Get more for free - our knowledge base, task manager, and many other features come standard!

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Missive logo

Collaborative inbox for teams

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Missive is a team inbox and chat tool that helps teams to collaborate across email, SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other communication channels. The inbox provides a business-first collaborative experience.

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FreeAgent CRM logo

Powerful, easy-to-use CRM your whole team will love.

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FreeAgent CRM is a fully-featured CRM that helps your team get organized, gain visibility into day-to-day work, and get more done.

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WATI logo

Conversational AI Platform

learn more
Wati is an automated marketing, sales, service and support tool for businesses who want to use WhatsApp as a communication tool to sell more products and services.

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Efficy CRM logo

Pay-less for more. Europe's most flexible CRM

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Known as Europe’s most flexible CRM, Efficy offers a completly customisable Customer Relationship Management solution. With us, you'll centralize your customer data, empower your employees, and grow your business.

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Users also considered logo

The engine of growth. An all in one solution for user data.

learn more is marketing automation platform aimed at boosting engagement and improving conversion by using a single data source for your customers, reaching them through a wide range of communication channels: email, live chat, chatbot, push notifications, and many more; all available in one place.

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Users also considered logo

CRM platform to boost your eCommerce sales

learn more is a CRM platform designed to boost eCommerce sales, improve customer service, send newsletters, and configure chatbots

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JeffreyAI logo

Sales and marketing automation & acceleration solution.

learn more
JeffreyAI is a sales and marketing automation & acceleration solution that empowers sales leaders to build stronger customer relationships and boost revenue effortlessly.

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charles logo

Web-based conversational commerce suite for consumer brands

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charles assists companies in pioneering conversational commerce by integrating shop systems, chat apps, and bots in a single platform. Key features include lead distribution & qualification, analytics, human handover, one-to-one messaging, real-time conversations, multi-chat, automation, and more.

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CentraHub CRM logo

CRM solution for automating sales, marketing & services

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Centra Hub CRM is fully customizable integrated sales, marketing, and service suite to automate conversion for growing businesses.

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SimpleCRM logo

Cloud-based all-in-one marketing platform

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SimpleCRM is an AI-enabled CRM solution for midsize to large businesses in the Asia Pacific region. The solution supports a portfolio of products that cater to various business requirements such as accounting, CRM, marketing, and more.

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Enterprise Bot logo

Intelligent Omnichannel Conversations

learn more

AI-powered intelligent virtual assistants and automation tools that enable round-the-clock support via email, voice, and chat across your enterprise ecosystem. Automate 85% of all user-related queries in 12+ languages, increase CSAT scores by 25% and be deployment-ready within a day.

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Stames logo

Cloud-based customer service & team communication S

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Stames connects teams to customers and helps businesses monitor, track, integrate & respond to the needs of their customers effectively & effortlessly.

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Zenith CRM logo

CRM, Auto Call, AI Dialer, Call Center Software.

learn more
Experience streamlined growth with Z-CRM, your AI-enhanced, cloud-based CRM and call center solution. Boost efficiency, automate communication, and personalize to fit your brand, all while keeping data secure and operations scalable. Welcome to round-the-clock productivity.

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NOLA logo

Auto dialer solution for call centers and debt collectors

learn more
NOLA AUTOMATION is an auto dialer solution that helps call centers communicate with customers via various methods including outbound or inbound calls, SMS, emails, live chat, and more. It allows sales teams to analyze customer journey by targeting leads or customers and creating strategic plans.

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