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Customer Loyalty Software with Returns Management

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Rewards Management
Strategize and implement rewards for returning customers, employees and other membersAverage user rating


Loyalty Program
Offer prizes, discounts, and other incentives for customers to earn reward points on purchases and redeem them for future purchasesAverage user rating


Gift Card Management
Reward loyal customers with gift cards which they can redeem for special offers and loyalty bonusAverage user rating


Loyalty Cards
Manage loyalty cards that hold rewards and promotions to incentivize customers to returnAverage user rating


Activity Tracking
Track and record various aspects of an employee's/customer's activities across devices, networks, and other systemsAverage user rating


Referral Tracking
Log and store the source of contacts/leadsAverage user rating


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SumUp logo

We believe in the everyday hero

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Whether you’re a street food vendor, a salon owner or a sales assistant, we want to make technology that anyone can use and everyone has access to. Whether you’re a one-person show or a team, we’re there for the smallest of businesses.

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Loyverse POS logo
Category Leaders

Free point of sale software & inventory system

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Loyverse is a cloud POS system for cafes, bars or small shops that provides inventory management, loyalty program, electronic receipts, & customer communication

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SpotOn logo

Restaurant POS for payment processing

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SpotOn Restaurant is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution designed to help small to medium businesses in the hospitality industry streamline online payments, tableside orders, and fraud protection. The labor management module lets users handle employee hours, gratuities, shifts, and more.

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LS Retail logo

We make business easy

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A unified ERP + POS software solution built on Microsoft Dynamics technology that is ideal for retailers, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies and gas stations with at least 50+ employees, or multiple locations. Ideal also for companies with ambitious growth goals.

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VoucherCart logo

Voucher & gift card creation, promotion & sales automation

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VoucherCart is a multi-channel sales engine that allows businesses to promote and sell their products and services everywhere, as vouchers, gift cards & tickets

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Acobot logo

Self-learning conversational AI for lead nurture on websites

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With an Acobot live chat robot you can answer customer questions instantly, with a human touch and turn them into paying customers like never before. Acobot is fully automated. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even when you go to the beach.

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FieldStack logo

Retail management system for medium to large retailers

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Fieldstack is a cloud-based retail management solution designed to assist retailers with store management and inventory tracking. Key features include data collection, payment processing, channel management, customer engagement, promotions management, product catalogs, and custom reporting.

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Mi9 Retail Suite logo

Integrated CRM for retailers

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Mi9 CRM is an integrated customer experience & relationship management solution with real-time omni-channel customer data, designed specifically for retailers

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RockSolid MAX logo

Affordable and easy-to-use POS software helps retailers grow

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RockSolid MAX helps home and building suppliers manage inventories, purchasing, transactions, and other operations via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to simultaneously create purchase and customer orders by automatically capturing product details from vendor catalogs.

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Simphony POS logo

Restaurant POS for food service management

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Simphony POS, by Oracle MICROS, is a cloud-based POS system designed to synchronize front-of-house, back-office, and kitchen operations. The platform helps restaurants manage processes related to takeout and delivery orders, menus and pricing, customer loyalty programs, online payments, and more.

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Salesforce for Retail logo

Retail management system for eCommerce businesses

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Salesforce Retail CRM is a cloud-based retail management system that helps eCommerce businesses analyze shoppers’ needs and facilitate smart targeting to drive brand awareness. Marketers can utilize AI-powered bots to communicate with buyers in real-time and improve customer engagement levels.

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iVend Retail logo

An Integrated Omnichannel Retail Solution

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iVend Retail enables retailers with centralized control of their business delivered by our integrated management solution consisting of 6 Omnichannel modules.

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Modisoft logo

All-in-one POS and back office solution

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Modisoft is an all-in-one POS solution that allows retail and restaurant owners to understand their business operations. Over 10,000 locations nationwide use Modisoft's in-depth reporting features to make data-driven decisions.

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Spruce logo

Integrated ERP software for home and building suppliers.

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Spruce is a cloud-based business management and point of sale (POS) solution for home and building supply businesses. It offers end-to-end process management for sales, accounting, purchasing, rentals, manufacturing, delivery, and more from desktop and mobile devices.

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purposePOS logo

Save costs. Support charity. Simplify sales.

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purposePOS is a cloud-based point-of-sale software that offers businesses more features for less cost. The software is SaaS fee-free, allowing merchants to save on software expenses. purposePOS is also designed to make a positive impact, as a portion of all transaction fees is donated to charity through the platform's partnerships.

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Integral logo

Cloud-based direct selling platform

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Integral, hosted with Microsoft Azure, is a cloud-based platform that supports businesses across several different industries. The software helps recruit, develop, and retain field sales force on a unified platform.

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