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Customer Loyalty Software with Review Monitoring

GetApp offers objective, independent research and verified user reviews. We may earn a referral fee when you visit a vendor through our links. Learn more

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Customer Frontlines logo

Customer experience management (CXM) platform

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Improve every key moment along the customer journey with the world's most advanced, AI-driven platform for customer loyalty.

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SpotOn logo

Restaurant POS for payment processing

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SpotOn Restaurant is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution designed to help small to medium businesses in the hospitality industry streamline online payments, tableside orders, and fraud protection. The labor management module lets users handle employee hours, gratuities, shifts, and more.

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Trustpilot logo

Customer review management platform for online businesses

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Trustpilot is a customer review management platform that helps online businesses to establish a trusted brand and connect with customers by collecting reviews and gathering feedback to improve customer experience, amplify their online presence, increase conversions and sales, and more

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Yotpo logo

Yotpo, the leading eCommerce marketing platform.

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Real feedback and photos from past buyers build a community around your brand and continuously boost shopper trust to help you sell more.

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NiceJob logo

Reputation marketing with reviews, social & SEO tools

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NiceJob is the easiest way to get more great reviews, referrals and sales. We help businesses get the reputation they deserve! We also help your website convert more leads and improve your SEO!

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Influitive logo

Customer-Powered Growth

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The Influitive platform helps B2B companies discover, nurture, and mobilize their customers, developers, partners, and employees to shorten sales cycles, amplify marketing, increase retention and drive product innovation.

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Okendo logo

Turn shoppers into Superfans.

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Okendo is a review management software designed to help businesses using Shopify handle user-generated content (UGC), post customer reviews on websites or social media platforms, and collect actionable data about products to streamline decision-making processes for shoppers.

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Referrizer logo

Lead management and marketing automation software.

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Referrizer is a lead management and marketing automation software that helps businesses capture leads, track customer communication, manage referrals, handle reviews, and more on a centralized platform.

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Shopper Approved logo

More Reviews, Traffic & Conversions

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Shopper Approved is an ecommerce tool for collecting, managing, and promoting Seller Ratings, Product Reviews, Video Reviews, Q&A, and other social signals on your website and throughout the web to drive traffic, create urgency, and improve conversions.

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AiTrillion logo

All-in-one Marketing Automation Platform

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AiTrillion is a SaaS-based Artificial Intelligence enabled, all-in-one marketing platform for eCommerce sellers.

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Listen360 logo

Customer engagement software for feedback & online reviews

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Listen360 is a customer engagement platform that helps you shape your brand perception & customer experience by turning online reviews & customer sentiment into actionable data. Our net promoter-based platform is a tool to ensure your locations are consistently providing quality service.

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Revetize logo

Business marketing software for small businesses

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Revetize is a business marketing software designed to help small, local businesses manage online reviews, referrals, promotions, NPS, customer follow-ups and loyalty campaigns all in one place and distribute these interactions via text, email, voicemail and pen-written letters.

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InputKit logo

InputKit, the best tool for an incredible experience.

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InputKit's mission is to help companies stand out from the competition by developing innovative software solutions.

With InputKit, get authentic feedback from your customers and employees to continoulsy improve your serivces. This will help you deliver the best experience possible!

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Users also considered logo

The reviews and loyalty platform for ecommerce.

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Stamped is the reviews and loyalty platform for ecommerce, helping you establish brand credibility by building trust and giving your customers a voice. We are partners in your brand growth with multiple product offerings that are easy to set up and use for you & your customers.

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Bazaarvoice logo

Customer Reviews Solution

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Bazaarvoice's customer loyalty software allows you to strengthen brand advocacy, inspire confidence, and drive sales through UGC.

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Verified Reviews logo

Review management software with rich snippets

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Verified Reviews is a web-based customer review management software designed to help eCommerce businesses and retailers control the visibility of brands and optimize conversion rates by collecting, moderating, and publishing authentic reviews from consumers. It lets teams enhance online reputation and image, improve SEA and SEO performance, and retain and re-engage customers.

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Merchant Centric logo

Social media management for businesses of all sizes

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Merchant Centric is a cloud-based platform that enables businesses to engage with their customers on social media, drive customer loyalty and sales through effective reputation management, and identify new revenue streams by leveraging competitors' advertising and listing data.

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RetailTune logo

Marketing analytics and SEO management software

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RetailTune is a marketing analytics and SEO management software that helps businesses manage store information across multiple platforms, such as Google My Business, Facebook Local Pages, Google Maps, and other store locator applications. It allows staff members to create, run, and track custom localized marketing campaigns.

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RAY logo

SaaS-based reputation management software for all entities

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RAY offers firms the solutions to gather customer feedback and reviews to improve company image and attract newer clients. Key features include data import/export, email marketing, review monitoring & notification, activity tracking, review generation & request, reporting, and sentiment analysis.

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Infuse Reviews logo

Review Management Made Simple

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Our easy-to-use online review management software Requests, Responds, Shares, and Displays Reviews on your website. We also offer a Digital Signage creator that can display online reviews and a Rewarded Survey creator with survey results displayed automatically on your website.

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PowerReviews logo

Ratings and Review Management Software

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PowerReviews is a reviews management software that lets brands and retailers collect, display and syndicate customer ratings or reviews, and answer customer questions. It helps reach customers at the moment of purchase and help to drive traffic, increase sales and create actionable insights.

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Feefo logo

Harness the power of verified reviews.

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Founded in 2010, Feefo works with 6,500+ brands worldwide. Feefo invites verified customers to leave feedback, which results in reliable, fake-free feedback. Its reviews help boost customer confidence, as well as providing the foundation for smarter, data-driven decisions and actionable insights.

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Track logo

An intelligent system for customer experience management

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Track is a Brazilian platform for managing the customer experience that companies can use to monitor interactions with their consumers throughout the customer relationship journey. This process is conducted using technology with the application of relevant surveys and metrics.

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RapidNPS logo

Real-time customer satisfaction tracking tool

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RapidNPS is a tool for monitoring customer satisfaction through the Net Promoter Score (NPS), helping businesses measure and improve customer loyalty.

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Stampede logo

Zero-fuss marketing platform for hospitality brands

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Stampede is the marketing solution for hospitality and leisure businesses. We do the heavy lifting for owners, operators and marketers, making the difficult marketing tasks easy.

Our platform provides an end-to-end solution incorporating Email and SMS Marketing, Automation Table Bookings, Guest Wi

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