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Point of Sale Software with Delivery Tracking

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Odoo  logo
Category Leaders

Full Suite of Integrated Business Apps

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Odoo is a fully-integrated, customizable, and open-source suite of business applications. A majority of the business needs such as CRM, Sales, Project, Manufacturing, Inventory, and Accounting are met through this all-in-one software solution designed for every company, regardless of size and budget

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CAKE POS is built for restaurants of all sizes.

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CAKE maximizes restaurant management with software connecting the front of the house to the back. Increase speed of service, table turns, and maximize guest management with digital technology that can help increase your revenue.

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Flipdish logo

All-in-one POS and restaurant management system

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Built by QSR owners who know exactly what you need, Flipdish POS is used by thousands of restaurants and takeaways around the world.

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Lightspeed Restaurant logo

Point of sale (POS) system for restaurants

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Lightspeed Restaurant is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) system for restaurants. The platform offers features including sales tracking, contactless payment processing, customizable floor plans, employee management, and more. Lightspeed Restaurant also offers add-ons for delivery and eCommerce.

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Poster POS logo

Cloud-based tablet POS system for restaurants

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Poster POS is a cloud-based tablet Point of Sale application which enables cafes, shops & restaurants to manage menus, orders & supplies quickly & efficiently

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Skytab POS logo

SkyTab at your service.

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SkyTab is a complete Point of Sale (POS) and restaurant management platform designed exclusively for the food and beverage industry. Packed with cutting-edge technology, SkyTab delivers operational efficiency so you can boost your bottom line and dish out five-star guest experiences.

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GloriaFood logo

Order management and delivery platform for restaurants

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GloriaFood is an online ordering & food delivery platform that helps restaurant owners streamline point-of-sale operations and manage orders, table reservations, promotional activities & more. Users can select multiple delivery locations, define minimum order amounts & set zone-based delivery fees.

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FloristWare logo

Cloud-based POS software for retail florists

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FloristWare is a POS solution for flower shops and florists that automates and streamlines business operations for better customer service

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eposbuddy logo

Electronic point of sale system for businesses of all sizes

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EposBuddy is an electronic point of sale (EPoS) solution renowned for its user-friendly interface and features. The EPoS system goes beyond the basics, empowering businesses with sales analytics, payment processing, and more.

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Sapaad logo

Cloud POS & Restaurant Management System

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Sapaad is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) and restaurant management system designed for restaurants of all sizes.

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Rezku POS logo

Restaurant Point of Sale System

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Rezku is an iPad point-of-sale system for restaurants, bars & pizzerias. With online ordering, mobile table-side ordering & payment, staff mgmt., custom reporting, gift card system, loyalty, delivery dispatch, 3rd party integrations and more. Custom branded ordering and delivery app now available.

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Invu POS logo

Cloud-based POS solution for service businesses.

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Invu POS is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution that helps businesses in retail, healthcare, hospitality, and other industries manage sales, marketing, and payment processes. The platform offers various features such as inventory tracking, customer billing, reporting/analytics, mobile access, campaign management, integration capabilities, and more.

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AB POS logo

Restaurant POS System Point Of Sale POS

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AB POS gives you reliable and easy-to-use tools that will help you be more efficient and run your business better.

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Sky Systemz logo

POS, payment processing & business management software

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Sky Systemz is a point-of-sale (POS) software that enables corporate businesses, salons, spas, restaurants, and florists to process transactions and manage administrative operations related to inventory, customers, employees, and products on a centralized platform.

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HungerRush 360 logo

The restaurant POS system built for growth

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HungerRush provides an all-in-one restaurant POS system that gives you everything you need to manage and grow your business.

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S4D logo

Cloud-based restaurant management solution

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S4D Software is a leading provider of software that enables consumers to order from the convenience of their mobile device and have food delivered directly to their table.

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Veloce logo

Point of sale (POS) solution for restaurants

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Veloce is a point of sale (POS) solution that offers businesses inventory tracking, invoicing, and price configuration capabilities. It includes an internal time-clock tool that allows supervisors to monitor and record employee schedules, enabling payroll calculation. Using the serial number tracking feature, staff can keep tabs on warranty expiration across all resources, and leaders can utilize promo codes, discounts, and supplier coupons to carry out payment processing.

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POSBytz logo

Point of sale solution for restaurants & convenience stores

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PosBytz is a point of sale (POS) solution that helps restaurants, convenience stores and retail outlets manage orders, payments, deliveries and inventories on a cloud-based platform. Administrators can create individual accounts for staff members and provide permissions according to preferences.

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BloomNation logo

Florist solution for small to midsize businesses

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BloomNation is a marketplace solution which helps florists manage processes related to online shopping forums, custom websites, point-of-sale & more. Users can post real images of available designs across multiple delivery locations, enabling buyers to view & purchase flower bouquets online.

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Foodics logo

Restaurant management system for the hospitality business

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Foodics is a point-of-sale restaurant management system designed and built for business owners operating restaurants, cafes, or food trucks. The company’s vision is to create a complete restaurant management ecosystem that enables owners to run their operations seamlessly and grow their businesses.

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Ordyx logo

Mobile-friendly, hybrid, cloud-based restaurant & bar POS

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Ordyx is a hybrid POS system with SMS messaging, inventory management, and loyalty programs, compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, Windows, and Mobile.

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PDQ POS logo

Point of Sale (POS) System for Restaurants & Retail

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PDQ POS, a top rated point of sale system, is designed specifically for pizzerias, quick serve, fast casual, and delivery services. The secure hybrid platform provides features for POS management, payment processing, enterprise reporting, back office management, employee management, and much more.

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Tpv Hostelería logo

POS Software Glop

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Automate the management of your establishment with a single tool. We help you in managing sales, products, employees, tables, customers, purchases and stocks.

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H&L POS logo

Australia’s Leading POS and back of house solution provider

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A complete suite of integrated hospitality POS systems.

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eTab logo

eTab order and delivery engine - links to any website + app.

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eTab the innovative all-in-one online order & delivery platform. Industry leading design and functionality + the lowest fee structure. Our order & delivery engine accepts all orders. Takeout, curbside and delivery by Doordash or in house. Marketing tools to automate promos and discounts and more.

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