Reservation & Online Booking Software

What is Reservation & Online Booking Software?

Reservation and online booking software is used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of making online reservations and bookings for your customers, agents and staff alike. The main benefit of reservation and booking applications is to facilitate customers with bookings your services online, with access to real-time booking information and secure online payment processing options.

Online booking software can help agents to keep track of sales by consolidating and providing one point of access to all customer related information. Client profiles and transaction history can be automatically updated and both online and offline bookings and requests can be managed from one platform.

Through shared calendars and scheduling, agents have quick access to vital information such as rates and availability of staff or services. They can also access inventory information to ensure staff have what they need to do their job. With online booking and online payment features, customers can make bookings without the need to speak to an agent.

Online reservation and booking applications help to automate a range of time-consuming tasks, these include real-time updating of rates and availability, total price calculation to include packages, special rates and discounts; booking form generation and invoicing; along with automated email/SMS confirmations, reminders and notifications.

These business apps help agents to better manage cancellations and modifications to bookings and to avoid issues such as double bookings. They are generally compatible with mobile devices so that real-time booking information can be accessed from anywhere, by customers, staff and managers.

Many online booking applications now offer social media integrations, allowing you to take bookings directly from platforms such as Facebook. Many also offer integrations with voucher and deal providers.

Reservation and online booking software is used by a range of industries and business sizes. There are applications that cater to specific industries such as hotel reservation software, tour booking software and property rental software. However, more robust applications will cater to all businesses from beauty salons and massage parlors, to gyms and restaurants.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Online booking capabilities such as payment processing
  • Customer and staff view of rates and availability
  • Customer and agent interaction tracking
  • Secure storage of customer data
  • Customer notifications, reminders and confirmations
  • Voucher, packages and discount management
  • Automatic, real-time updating and remote access to booking information
  • Automated proce updates, invoice and booking form generation
  • Integration with social media and deal/ coupon websites