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Reservations Software with Activity Management

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Campground /RV /Hospitality reservation software

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RezExpert is a web-based reservation and property management solution for Campgrounds, RV Resorts, Marinas, hotels and hostels of all sizes that comes with a comprehensive ticketing engine, online reservation system, and a housekeeping module, amongst many other features. The software is mobile and

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Resource scheduling platform for schools, labs and offices

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QReserve is a scheduling application for complex structured resources and workflows. It can manage office demands for meeting rooms, desks, or computers with real-time activity updates. QReserve handles complex booking needs with dependencies or constraints and accounts for workflow conditions

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Regiondo logo

The all-in-one booking solution for the leisure industry

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Regiondo is an online booking system for leisure and activity providers to manage and book appointments and activities over their own website

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Fusion logo

Registration, club and reservations management platform

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Fusion caters to businesses of all sizes and industries, including manufacturing, retail, transportation, energy, and education. The software helps users manage inventory, accounting, and reporting processes.

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All-In-One software for growing and managing your sports business and delighting your clients!

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Megasys logo

Cloud-based All-in-One Property Management Software

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Megasys offers a flexible all-in-one software and database solution providing Reservations, Front Deak, Housekeeping Engineering, Conference Services, for Group and Event Planning, Online Booking Engines, OTA/GDS integrations, Point of Sales and much more!

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