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iTouchVision Case Management

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iTouchVision Case Management overview

What is iTouchVision Case Management?

Our Case management platform reduces a paper-driven approach, converts manual tasks into automated processes and allows clear visibility for management.

Notes and Correspondence need to be linked to each case so that they can be easily found, and custom key information that needs to be accessible to case workers when they are away from their office or desk is simply presented. It must be easy for case workers to access and share increasing amounts of data whilst following formal data protection procedures.
Our case management platform, enables case workers to systematically manage a case from creation to closure. Case information is held on a centralised private cloud so that all relevant correspondence, emails, case notes, assessments and contacts can be linked to a case.

Mobile case workers can access the case information via their iPhone, iPad, android or windows device via our mobile worker apps. The case information can be immediately synchronised to the back office allowing the admin teams to assess information of cases in real time.

Our case management platform can handle a many types of cases, including service requests, incident management, investigations, applications and other regulated transactions.


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English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech and 22 other languages, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Taiwanese, Thai
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£69.98per user / month

iTouchVision Case Management features

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Additional information for iTouchVision Case Management

Key features of iTouchVision Case Management

  • Create your own forms with user defined fields.
  • Allow Employees to raise service request online.
  • Full case lifecycle end-to-end process management.
  • Full Roles based access control.
  • Cloud based platform with secure access via SSL.
  • Dashboard reporting to allow a management summarized view.
  • Automated workflow & rules.
  • 24 hour support.
  • Fully Configurable, easy to use, clear and precise.
  • Multi-channel Access.
  • Integrated with all back office systems.
  • Reporting suite.
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1. All case related information at your fingertips
All documents are stored in the central database; that’s emails, letters, acknowledgements, meeting agendas, forms, or any other kind of document. View all the documents related to a case based on a certain standard; all the documents associated with a particular contact; or all the documents owned by one person or typed by another.

2. Email integration.
This means that you can save emails and attachments to an appropriate case file at the touch of a button, helping you to stay on top of your inbox and ensuring that the case information is also complete. The majority of work for most teams comes in via email, so it’s very important to keep track of these.

3. Reduce time spent on document creation and management
With the use of customised form templates and workflows, cases are created, stored and managed in real-time. You can also associate different parties to the case and link contact details.

4. Automation to free staff from background tasks
Three different levels of workflow provide the opportunity for work to be heavily controlled or largely free-flowing. A number of standard workflows already exist. Our customers typically gain between 40 and 80%

5. Process improvement
Our case management platform will help your organisation improve internal processes and procedures and will free up employee time and will allow them to focus business as usual tasks.

6. Keep on top of key dates and events
With each task having a due date, completed and scheduled date you will be able to know exactly when a task is meant to happen and when it actually happened.

7. Integration to 3rd party systems
Case Management software can be fully integrated with other systems, supporting diary and case management.

8. Enhance teamwork and enable flexible working practices
Team members have secure access to all case information, making it easy to find and access the very latest information regarding a case. As this is a cloud platform we provide the ability to support secure remote working and flexible working practices.

9. Management information to control risk
Automated and user-defined reporting. In addition to a set of standard reports which allow user-configurable reporting to suit your different organisational needs. Reports can be defined and scheduled to run at set intervals, delivered in a format ready for publication, or exported to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation.

10.Case management facilitates quick and easy updates.
This is particularly useful when someone leaves the department, as now you can easily run a report to see the status of work in progress, forthcoming key dates and areas of risk.

11.Automated time recording
This helps to inform management in demonstrating best value and supporting the case for budget allocation. Automated time recording is designed for professionals who need to track time in order to monitor workloads and auditing for legal matters.