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Deskero use case: Mark Kidd

Mark Kidd

Verified Reviewer  
12th of September, 2016
Used for client support email ticketing help desk

We use Deskero daily for incoming emails to our support address which in turn is auto handed out to 3 support desk staff. The system is quick and efficient. We do not make use of the more advanced features as the functionality in the entry offer was pretty much what we were after. We used to use our own OTRS system which was not bad but no where near as easy to use and did not look as good as Deskero does. If you have a support desk and need the auto ticketing options on client queries then Deskero handles this perfectly well without any hassles. Tracking a users ticket from beginning to end is easy and shows all responses and is very easy when it comes to allocating certain tickets to specific agents.

What do you like best?

Very easy to use Easy to setup, adding external mail account for incoming mails. Simple efficient layout. This is important when your agents are staring at it all day. Auto allocation of incoming queries is very good. Pricing is great

What do you dislike?

None really, we are on the entry package with a few agents and it has been working well for the last few months.

Why did you end up selecting Deskero over other applications?

We were testing both FreeaAgent and Deskero. We battled to get the incoming email account setup on FreeAgent. Not saying FreeAgent is bad, it looked very good. But We use Office365 Hosted Exchange in our organisation. And we could not get FreeAgent to connect to that email account and Deskero connected fir time, we just decided that Deskero was the one that we would test properly after that and it performed well so we stayed.

If so, why did you switch?

We used to use OTRS on our own servers but it became more work to maintain and so a cloud based solution was the chosen option.

What is your main use case with Deskero?

Email ticketing helpdesk for our client software.

Give one example how Deskero has improved the way your organization functions

We were doing the same on OTRS but now do not have to worry about admining, backing up, monitoring up time of the system so it has saved us valuable time that is now spent elsewhere.

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Recommendations to others considering Deskero

If you are looking for a helpdesk ticketing system then you must try the 1st agent free option of the basic package. Takes about 5 minutes to setup and you will be able to see how the system works and how easy the system is. After this you will know if Deskero is what you are looking for. We love the simple uncluttered layout that the agents have in front of them. The auto assignment of queries is great. Just how easy it is to change things from the administration side, all in all highly recommended,

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6-12 months

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