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eBLVD Remote Desktop

Access Your Computers From Anywhere

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eBLVD Remote Desktop Feature Summary

  • Access your PC or server remotely from a web browser.
  • Multiple connections allow remote sessions to different PCs.
  • Remotely manage corporate PCs and servers.
  • Firewall friendly, no configuration required.
  • Multi-monitor support gives you full access to all displays.
  • Low bandwidth requirement. Connect over any speed - even a m
  • Transfer files back and forth between computers.
  • No software or servers to maintain. Everything is deployed f
  • Integrated instant messaging - communication without calling
  • Complete SSL encryption of all data packets.
  • Record the entire screen session for later review.
  • Guest accounts can be created to temporarily allow access.
  • Remote audio to listen to what's on the other end.
  • Customer support representatives are available 24/7/365.
  • True color display provide a complete interactive experience
  • Fastest connection speed - faster than all others.
  • Resizable window fits any screen regardless of local display
  • Connection Audit: All connections are logged.
  • Auto-reconnect genie provides a continuous session.
  • Free, easy, and automatic software updates.

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