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Scalable customer care via web & mobile apps

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What is Helpshift?

Helpshift solves issues quickly with direct two-way customer messaging and native FAQs, which deflect up to 90% of tickets. The cloud-based solution delivers scalable customer support for both web and mobile apps, with an SDK that’s installed on more than 1.3 billion devices worldwide.

Organizations that use Helpshift can expect reduced mobile churn, along with improved loyalty and engagement. In order to achieve this, the app relies on a combination of ticketing, native FAQs, in-app chat, in-app campaigns, and in-app surveys. When mobile users have issues with the apps they’re using, Helpshift provides them with the ability to report bugs or find solutions to their problems without having to Google to search for answers.

Advanced capabilities within Helpshift are designed to prevent app users from sending blank messages or spam messages to developers. In order to send a message, the app must be installed on the user’s device and the user must describe the problem he or she is experiencing. Helpshift’s SDK also provides a significant amount of user information, which agents are able to use to diagnose and resolve customer queries in an efficient manner. Customer meta data is also available to segment and prioritize issues based on the behavior of individual app users.

Reducing churn and promoting engagement are at the top of every company’s to-do list. Helpshift is a web-based solution that helps organizations work toward those goals with advanced tools designed to improve mobile customer service and simplify customer support operations.

Product managers, c-level executives, app developers, and customer support managers can use Helpshift to promote loyalty and engagement, understand customers beyond traditional tickets and ratings, and feel more confident knowing they’re making the right product decisions. Key features include automations, searchable native FAQs, in-app messaging and chat, and push message campaigns. Helpshift also provides managers with the ability to organize tickets by sorting issues and segmenting issues based on priority, language, and issue status.