Helpshift Tutorials - Automations


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Helpshift Tutorials - Automations

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Adam (Helpshift)

Adam: Automations I mentioned before allowing you to take automated actions on new issues that come in. This is essentially replacing manual work that you might have an agent doing based off smart launching. Let’s do new issue automation. I can choose exhibits from In App iOS android or iOS specific maybe a web or email. Let’s do mobile only. I can go at the app level. I can make my own specific languages. Maybe it’s for new users, have it automation run. I can also look for certain texturing in the message that comes in, that first message. Maybe it’s something like ‘crash’ or ‘bug’.

Then I can take a certain action so if you use an ‘If/Then’ statement before maybe used ... before very familiar with this. They’re very similar. I can assign it to a certain person. I can add a tag, maybe a bug tag. Keep in mind when I do add in this tag now it might go a different Smart View so constantly optimizing it and improving your workflow with as much automation as possible to make your agent’s life easier. I can even do an auto reply. I can even reject it or resolve it so multiple different ways you can do with automations and it’s a really great powerful tool for essentially replacing manual work and being smart about it.

Now of course we also have auto resolve automation. Maybe you haven’t heard back so instead of an agent constantly following up with the user you can just run and say if an agent hasn’t heard back from the customer after anywhere from one to 10 days you can do an autoreply. “We haven’t heard back. We are closing this ticket. Thank you” and that runs once a day if those conditions are met. So allowing you to replace like I mentioned before what an agent would manually be doing running an automation to resolve those