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Helpshift Tutorials - Conversations

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Adam (Helpshift)

Adam: This is our bread and butter. This is one of our bid differentiators between anything else is that you might have other products out there that start with the mobile app and the conversation gets carried over through email. We’re the only true In App product. Conversation starts in the app. Their replies get back to the app, everything is done inside the app and that’s where we spend a lot of time on and that’s why we really shine. You can see from our customer base why people believe in that as a true, best user experience of the mobile level.

I’m going to file a ticket test app, contact us the right hand side of the dashboard say “I have a problem’. Click send. The message is sent, immediately there’s my new issue on the right hand side, left hand side has a user. I’m still inside the app. I never left. Now of course I can continue browsing the app like most users will. I might buy some whisky. Now watch what happens when an agent responds. In app notification top I’m going to click that, back inside the conversation that’s great.

Now of course like most users I might go Snapchat, Instagram whatever, leave the app. We have push notification. There’s my push how fast I was. I’m going to click the push back inside the app inside the conversation. Bringing users back inside the app is a very powerful tool. It helps with the retention. It helps with user experience. It really shows that you want to resolve issues quickly because with email you’re allowing person to go back to their emailing box which is filled with coupons, city deals anything. How are they going to find your support ticket? With Help Shift it’s your brand. It’s your app bringing back to the conversation back inside your app control it there where you want your users anyways.

Immediately Device information shows, iOS 6plus 89%. I’m charging my phone. I’m on Wi-Fi right now all accurate information, of course what App Version I’m on. If I’m an older app version you can immediately say, “Hey upgrade to the latest one”. There are all those issues. Custom data you can fill out a course on my LTV if you want to pass that through from a new user. You can see I’m a paid user right here, a lot of different configurations you can do.

Another great feature is the request screen shot. Sometimes I have a problem as a user can’t explain well just request a screenshot. Hit Reply and press a camera button. Watch what happens. Immediately I get a notification. If I’m on iOS I get a tutorial ‘Learn How’. Take a screen shot. Great, I’m going to take a screenshot. I’m going to attach it. It goes right to my gallery. There’s my screenshot. In a few clicks I just sent an image to support. I can make it even bigger as well. Right here with photos with media being passed back and forth they’re able to resolve issues a lot faster. With email you have to go to your Gmail, attach an image, and take a picture. You’re juggling through three different programs. That’s a lot of effort on a four inch screen. Users today don’t want to go through all that effort. They’ll just go away.

With Help Shift it’s really easy. Obviously you want to make it better with showing evidence of what’s wrong if you get a wrong shipment. Notice here as a user I can initiate with the camera icon sending a photo as well. We actually see this a lot because it’s just like WhatsApp or I message. They’ll just send you a photo of what’s wrong and that way you’re resolving the issues a lot faster. So supporter agents love it. Users love it and it’s a much better experience overall.

Jimmy: Yes this is very powerful.

Adam: Yes. The user rates are great. The numbers are astounding and we see customers who have response times of a day or 16 hours narrow it down to four hours, five hours on average. We have some customers who time of first response less than a minute because of In App chat so really it’s just a great experience. Now I can also attach any file I want with paperclip. This is also used for sending PDFs, shipping labels to the user that they can use so quite customizable.