Helpshift Tutorials - Integrations


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Helpshift Tutorials - Integrations

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Adam (Helpshift)

Adam: Speaker 1: Integration’s right here. We allow you to ... Ortsbo ... as well and I just came out so that’s more for prior enterprise to customers. We also allow you to have via email other integrations so a new issue integrations or closed issue transcript archiving maybe of a third party ... heavy conversation when it’s resolved in Help Shift automatically put into sales force. This is all done through email which it makes it very customizable to whatever platform, whatever product you’re already using.

We also have APIs. Our slack API is coming out a couple weeks. We have a sales force API an app on the app change that’s coming out in a week. We also have a couple more APIs that are being used so a juror API is also coming out. The main ones that most people will find and will report more customer’s slack, juror sales force. And then other APIs, maybe someone wants to ... API that is possible down the line.

Jimmy: Awesome

Adam: Keep in mind that we’re not – Help Shift is not a plugin, other products out there plugin to this, plugin to that, plugin to everything. That’s not the way Help Shift was designed. Help Shift was designed as its own CRM. If you do have a bigger CRM like a service cloud you can definitely use Help Shift as a plugin. But we’re not just an open plugin where you can shove a bunch of APIs in and out of. That makes the product more diluted and not as powerful. As you can see here everything works. It’s stable. We’re on 1.3 billion devices worldwide. Our STK processes hundreds of millions of events everyday so it’s a system in itself and that’s why we have people migrate away from other bigger CRMs to us because they do realize how much our system can do as its own.