Helpshift Tutorials - Managing Users


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Helpshift Tutorials - Managing Users

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Adam (Helpshift)

Adam: I want to manage my users. Help Shift has teams of two all the way up to 1500 active agents at once in the dashboard. We’re built for scale. Our backend has been designed that way and it’s built for multiple labels working at one time, so managing that’s very important. I can see here what my groups are. I can add a group. We have a supervisor role as well. That’s at middle tier someone to manage adding and inviting other agents if you don’t want to make this person an Admin you can do that as well. Also active members as well I can invite people quite easily. Send them an email.

I can search for certain members as well assuming we have a large organization. I can even download a copy, a list of everything. If I wanted to make Alyx right here I can make her an agent or a supervisor I can add her to a specific group so quite easy for rearranging our team on the fly and then of course permissions.

We do recognize that large organization’s agents may not want to have certain functions that modifying FAQs or doing bulk action. I’m going to bulk action just a second. You can control whether an agent can have that. Can they modify FAQs? You can say no if they want a bulk edit. Also we have a new feature called ‘Assigning issues to yourself’ that’s a variance on a workflow; essentially it’s pulling out of a cue assigned to you at once. Some support organizations like doing that other don’t so we give you that option to turn it on or off.

Bulk action is a really great feature as well. I can basically shift click all these and run an action on them. I go to Edit Issues. I can assign it to a certain person. I can add a tag. I can do an auto reply. I can insert an FAQ or a canned response. I can just search for this. I want to send this information. And I can resolve or reject certain issues. So essentially just like in Gmail. If you want to shift click a bunch of your emails and you want to delete or you want to forward them you can do that here in Help Shift as well. Forbes like having a senior manager bulk assign issues to certain issues to certain agents and we allow doing that with bulk actions so allowing you to do things that scale.

The great thing too is you can do a bulk action up to 10 thousand issues at once. So like I mentioned before we’re built for scale. While other platforms might struggle or it might take a while like a lot of web based help based desk today you can only load 25, 50 issues at once. I can go through as many issues as I want, down scrolling. It’s auto loading that’s fast. Unlike other products, we can go to the button and click next 25, next 50 that’s not built for larger organizations when you’re getting hundreds of tickets, hundreds of issues a day so we built that with that design in mind.