Helpshift Tutorials - Pricing


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Helpshift Tutorials - Pricing

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Adam (Helpshift)

Adam: Pricing’s pretty straight forward like I mentioned before in the beginning of this talk. We have customers who started Beta or Alpha and we have free plan available. You get one login, up to 100 thousand MAUs (Monthly Active Users) and that’s great for a lot of apps starting out. Now the only thing you get with the Pro plan is you get more MAUs. You get now three logins included and of course you get automations in analytics as well as agent groups. Any new feature that’s added in a different plan is purely based on scale. If you’re a10 thousand MAU you really don’t need agent groups.

You really don’t need automations because you have only 10 thousand users. As you grow, as you scale you’re going to need those features and that’s what’s included in the next plan above. It’s really built for where you are in your app life cycle and your app development.

Of course the other thing is we have Enterprise custom pricing and that comes in with more third party immigrations, larger scale opportunities so built for scale on custom pricing and of course built for the new startup or the stealth or the Beta app as well.

Jimmy: A monthly active user would that be an individual device?

Adam: Monthly active user is correct. It’s a device that opens up your app in a given month. That’s unique though. Let’s say I have my iPhone and I play Clash of Clans 50 times in April and 20 times in May that’s two MAU; one for April, one for May even though I’ve opened up your app 50 times because of each device.