Helpshift Tutorials - Solving issues


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Helpshift Tutorials - Solving issues

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Adam (Helpshift)

Adam: Now when I resolve this issue here’s how the flow works. I mentioned this earlier before with the user being in control. I’m going to do Reply and Resolve. As an agent I’m going to get rated on this so I make sure I give the best answer possible. I think I did resolve on my end. The user gets this prompt. Did we answer all your questions? I’m going to click ‘no’. You can see ‘Did not accept the solution’ over here. I’m going to say, “I still need help’. Send. Issue automatically reopens.

So now it’s fine to knock up a solution. As an agent I might get creative on this and say “Uh Oh I thought it was resolved it’s not” I’m going to spend some more time to make sure this user’s a hundred percent happy. I’m going to resolve it again. Now I’m going to say, ‘Yes thanks’ optional survey. See how fast that was? Immediately you can grade the results. That’s why we’re seen such numbers with rates on C-Saf (Customer Satisfaction). I can give myself four stars. I can give optional feedback if I wanted, very similar maneuver. I’m going to click send and that’s it, still inside the app I never left really one solution. It’s a great experience. Our customers can’t sing enough praises about it in terms of how much its impacted their day to day operations and user satisfaction.

Yes totally. This has to be a game changer when it comes down to basically differentiating yourself from competition. If you’re offering very personalized almost near immediate turnaround time to questions in doubts or whatever issue a person is having then this is awesome.

Adam: Yes. I mean you nail the nail around the head. It’s the immediacy. It’s the accuracy. Everyone’s got things to do so we can make someone’s life better, gain to the right need to right in the meet of time. They’ll thank you for it and they’ll keep on using your app.