Helpshift Tutorials - Using helpshift on Flipboard


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Helpshift Tutorials - Using helpshift on Flipboard

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Adam (Helpshift)

Adam: I’m going to show you a really great example of one our long time customer’s clipboard, very popular app. It’s a news app. They’ve been around for quite some time. Flipboard what they do quite well is have a really great self-service experience. Now with Help Shift, you’re able to easily embed images, videos, gifts to really create a great self-service experience because at the end of the day mobile users want you find their problems quickly and get them resolved as fast as possible. This is the Google generation. We were taught just Google everything to find it by ourselves. Unlike our parents’ generation where it was always “Oh ask someone you know for advice or call someone up”, very different expectations these days with mobile users and it’s only getting more and more cell service. I’m going to go into my settings here. I’m going to go and see Help & Feedback. So watch what happens. I’m going to click Help & Feedback. This is Help shift. See how fast that loads? That’s because we’re an STK and all the content is cash on the device so he can easily view it. This is great too if you have limited internet or network connectivity, you can still self-serve and get FAQs properly. I can learn how to create an account Flipboard. You can see the hyperlinks there. Another great thing too is I can do video tutorials. So right here I can play this YouTube video natively inside the app. I’m never taking out and ... to Safari window so I can go back here. There’s the video. See you right back into the app.

Now the great thing about Help Shift too is our search, like I mentioned before Good generation people are used to just searching for it. It’s just like Google we have a really great smart search. So if I start typing ‘How do I save’, see I can even mistype – because I have fat fingers – and it will still give me relevant search results. How I save and share on Flipboard. Here we go another video. It’s highlighting my search terms as well so it’s a really great smart search. You can spend a lot of time on this and we think it’s one of our best features of our product.

For instance, if I cannot get my question answered from Flipboard there’s a contact desk button here which I can click top right hand corner and now I can submit a new issue to Flipboard and get my question resolved. This whole experience will be inside the app. Send. Message is sent. I get a conformation immediately. And notice I’m still inside the app. So with Flipboard this is a huge win. Unlike email, unlike what other products might do we take into your Gmail clients, your mail clients on your iPhone and you’re outside the app experience. There’s no guarantee once I submit an issue especially if it’s something where the app is broken or I don’t like the app, I’m having a bad experience. There’s no guarantee I’m going back to the app. With Help Shift the users take in the remains inside the app which is a big one for our brands and for our apps that use us.

Jimmy: Just as an observation, it also seems like it really adds to the build quality of the app, this maybe an intangible value that’s added to it by not having to jump out of there and everything’s contained within it.

Adam: Correct, yes that’s a great observation. Really we want to be a part of the app and I feel as native as possible to that experience. We want everyone to use our tool and make it seem like it’s their product or it’s their help section even if it’s using our tool to power the experience.