Helpshift Tutorials - What is helpshift


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Helpshift Tutorials - What is helpshift

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Adam (Helpshift)

Jimmy: Hi, welcome back to another Get Guide brought to you by GetApp. Today I’m joined by Adam Mints who is the head at onboarding over at Help Shift. Help Shift is a customer support engagement tool that has been built for mobile apps. This is pretty cool. Adam, how are you?

Adam: Good how are you doing? Thanks for having me.

Jimmy: Yes. This is interesting. I would like to know first of all what Help Shift does. What are some of the problems that Help Shift has come in to solve for people with mobile apps? What does it do?

Adam: Sure, great question. Help Shift’s been around for around three years. We saw a need in the market where as more and more people are using their mobile phones everyday apps are getting more complex and you rely on mobile apps whether it’s to book a car, to order food, to consume news, to send email that when something doesn’t do right in the app what was currently out there was basically just a web supporter email shoved into mobile. And if you’ve worked with mobile apps before if you’re a product manager or anyone who’s on a mobile team you know that’s a horrible experience. Help Shift came in.

We have an SDK ... dashboard and what it allows us to do is to essentially create a really great user experience where the user never has to leave the app to get help. And as you know getting help is not something people like to do. It’s because something broke. Something went wrong. The brand promise is not met almost so the user needs to go to contact support. And what was previously done was open a Safari window on their iPhone leave the app and they may never come back. With Help Shift we have our inapt FAQs. They’re local. They’re searchable. They are localized in multiple different languages and it provides a really great level of self-service.

If for some reason a user cannot self-service if it’s a problem that’s very specific or urgent they can contact support via Inapt messaging so just like I message it’s all inside the app.

This is in comparison to what other apps out there or other products out there or it’s more email based. Email is outside the app and as a mobile app in a very competitive landscape you want your user to stay inside your app as much as possible, increase attention and increase continued usage.

Jimmy: I see on your homepage that you have some pretty amazing clients. My question is I guess: How small can you be before considering using Help Shift? What does this company size begin to look like that would be the most suited to begin looking into Help Shift as a solution?

Adam: We’ve actually worked with companies from Beta or almost in their alpha stage all the way to companies who are replacing a self-search service cloud. So enterprise CRM all the way down to beta apps; give you one example is new bank who is on our homepage very successful mobile first banking product in Brazil. We started with them when they were in stealth and now they are massive. They are one of the hottest tech companies in Brazil. They have hundreds of thousands of users and they’re doing quite well so we’ve really grown with them and we’ve seen the effects of having this Inapt communication in user experience. So whether you’re big, whether you’re small our product scales with you.

Jimmy: I imagine we’ll see this a little bit later on in our actually walkthrough but maybe for someone that’s just listening right now to this initial bit. How easy is it to begin integrating Help Shift into our existing app into our existing business?

: Our SDK is pretty easy. We have a great ... On average it can take as little for basic implementation as 30 minutes. Obviously if you want to really create a great, unique user experience you might need a couple of hours for developer time. If you’re a bigger app it might take up to a day. Keep in mind that this isn’t some web hook that you’re putting in. You will need developer for new organization to spend time on this. But the power of the SDK what we can do is really astounding so you’re only as good as how much effort you put into customizing SDK and getting a really great user experience.