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RingCentral Contact Center use case: Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson

Verified Reviewer  
18th of November, 2016
Daily Users - Great Theories, Low Functionality, Horrible Support

Don't bother asking for a dedicated support technician. We've been at this for two years and have had like 12 "dedicated" support techs. They have insanely high turnover. Half their customer support reps don't know what they're doing. They're friendly, but that isn't what I need. I need someone with the knowledge to manipulate their complicated system. In theory, it should be a snap to use, but the tutorials and help areas are very outdated and no longer applicable. Also, when you login from the same computer, indeed even the same browser and you haven't even closed it, you just "log out, and log right back in" you are going to see different menu items available to you. Sometimes it logs you into your extensions even though you don't have an extension saved or input in the login screen... and no, it isn't my cache, my settings, etc. etc. I have even tried from computers without things saved. We have missed SO many calls and messages because of the difficulty in function and use of this call system. We are looking for another provider - cost isn't important for us, we need functionality and reliability.

What do you like best?

Multi-user support with simultaneous phone ringing Text message friendly that updates on all screens/phones Fax integration so you can receive faxes digitally on the go

What do you dislike?

Horrible ignorant customer service who screws up your entire account Inconsistent reliability of the mobile app and service Cannot have 2 external phone numbers ringing the same phones on 1 account login

Why did you end up selecting RingCentral Contact Center over other applications?

We felt that RingCentral offered more features and they do still.

If so, why did you switch?

We had not previously used another system.

What is your main use case with RingCentral Contact Center?

We use it as our primary inbound call system for our Property Management company.

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Recommendations to others considering RingCentral Contact Center

If you need something complicated then you need IT Support on YOUR end who knows what they're doing and should not let RingCentral touch your account whatsoever. They have too many new hires who "try hard" and just mess it all up.

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2+ years

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